Studying the biopsychosocial model of Mental Illness today

Studying the biopsychosocial model of Mental Illness today and taking notes along with asking The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network if this still acceptable today. Getting prepared for The essay examination for CPS Certified Peer Specialist in July for The GA Mental Health Consumer Network. And defending my free will and life a little in the process against the bully and those who condone bullying.

3 General or Main Reasons for Mental Illness / Factors

1. Biological / Phyical / Genetic such as brain damage/bad brain Chemistry

2. Psychological

3. Situational / Environmental / Social Factorss

If hospitalized more than once you more than likely have all three of the above factors in your make up or psyche.

If the Heart, liver or kidney can go bad or get sick so can the brain.

Psychology – The study of the human mind. Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors.

1. Medication /Nutrition /Exercise/Sleep /No Street Drugs

2. Psychotherapy

Individual, group, marital or family.

Psycho Analysis, psycho dynamic. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Focusing on Relationships Humanistic and Interpersonal. Experiential – Art Therapy

Self – Help

Read, Journal, Get enough emotional support.

I. Identify and Express Feelings Significant Emotional. Do not stuff your feelings.

II. Gaining Insight and Understanding into how and why you do what you do and get feedback. Consciousness and Unconsciousness.

III. Behavior Increase or practice new coping skills and behaviors.

Prevent self destruction. Voluntary programs, minimialize illness, go to therapy, communicate.

Assertive / Boundaries, go to meetings, no unhealthy habits

IV. Get plenty of Emotional Support

Learning today that most bullies and those who condone bullying suffer from a mental illness.

I will be digging a little deeper tomorrow into the mind of the bully and why they bully and what to do to prevent being bullied. Hopefully continuing in my studies tomorrow.

Journaling began for me in August of 2004 with newspaper and magazine clippings that led to journaling that led to WordPress that led to The Covington News blog where I have been a regular poster for nearly 4 years now this Autumn. It is a huge self – help skill and is very therapeutic. It has also put me into the community a lot and with and among my peers through View Point Health for Gwinnett, Rockdale and Newton taking and teaching classes and conferences such as The Respect Institute and The GA Peer Support Institute along with New Rock and The ACT Team and The supportive employment program for a short while and then onto Certified Nursing Assistant. I will be taking the CPS Certified Peer Specialist Certification essay exam in July for The GA Mental Health Consumer Network and hope to be chosen as one of the next CPS for the State of GA. I may also apply directly to View Point Health for a position that they may available in therapy or working with the mentally challenged as I already work with the physically and mentally challenged and care for them. Planning on putting together a thorough essay exam application in July and hopefully obtaining my CPS certification.

I just got fed up with the bully and decided to hand it over to the authorities not only to go before a judge but to also have a full investigation opened and for the bullies to be forced to leave me alone as I do not feel I should be ran off of an open public forum because Ken and I decide to date one another and I have full eyebrows. Hoping that the authorities will be able to make them understand you do not get away with cyber bullying, online bullying or stalking as I well know in Newton County. Taking measures a little further this go round than several years ago when I was harassed and bullied and even by the very same girl who up until recently was laying claim to be my good friend but chose to bully and condone bullying over our friendship. She has shown me her true colors for the “last” time.

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”
Maya Angelou



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