The study of Depression and Grief

1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression – Common Mental Illness

5. Acceptance

Depression being a common mental illness yet grief is looked at as  a normal and natural way of processing sadness or loss. Depression being a chronic illness can be managed.

If you experience Grief it is cerainly a sign that you are not a sociopath as many bullies are. Having negative thoughts significantly effects your behavior.

Stuffing your feelings can cause irrational thinking.

Depression and Grief are processed differently.

The Model I was taught today included:

1. Express Feelings

2. Think more positive about the loss

3. Good/Bad Aspects

4. Live life to the fullest. Give and receive love. Have plenty of emotional support. If you are experiencing  sadness, anger, fear you are still in the grieving process.

Grief can also be considered a loss of health.

Perhaps I put too much out there of myself but with very good reasoning.

Thinking last night about the Paralegal Program I attended and shepardizing RE : The Law. We were taught to do more than use the computer in your research that one must hand search cases as well giving much time and devotion to the case. My name can be shepardized from Rockdale County since the early 1990’s in 1994 beginning with my three eldest step daughter’s that I adopted in 1999 and advocated for a very long time in Rockdale County and then onto my biological daughter with no difference in my advocacy as their natural mother has been confirmed and found guilty of remiss, neglect and abuse in their pasts and I have a copy of the full independent State of Ga. Adoption Report in my possession. My advocacy did not just begin with my own biological daughter over ten years ago it began with my 3 older girls.

As there has never been any remiss, neglect or abuse not even a hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife to ever exist or for me to be questioned about by anyone in my past to present date. I have worked really hard to leave behind a lasting legacy in the O.C.G.A. that will make both my children and grandchildren proud of me and the fact that I never abandoned them or gave up on our relationships or our love even though we were separated over night due to family violence and depression that I have fought long and hard against in the legal system fighting for our civil rights and the rights of many families in the State of Georgia to come. My daughter will be 16 this year and I continue to pray for the very day I get to share the entire history of me and my four girls with her as she will be able to see for herself through many years of court and therapy records regardless of the lies and excuses she has been told by my ex husband and his family. The truth  will be shown to her one day and one day very soon. I only prepare and present what I can produce and have never really told the specifics of my relationship with my ex husband to the detail but it was over ten years of abuse that he is still unwilling to admit to. His own very attorney prepared a prepared proposed Opinion for the court in 2004 giving me custody of our youngest daughter and for Mr. Sasser not to interfere in the relationship of me and eldest girls along with me attending counseling for codependency as the care giver. Care taker to those with drugs, alcohol and gambling problems and addictions. The entire court system was aware of the prepared proposed Opinion and it is posted at WordPress.

I have suffered not only grief but depression as well so today’s study was most interesting in the fact that there is so much stigma against mental illness such as depression but grief is looked upon as a natural and normal healthy human process. I have experienced both and still live with grief and loss after ten plus years. I will be studying this model further and deeper preparing to explain it to The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network when I apply for Certified Peer Specialist in July. Currently working as  a Certified Nursing Assistant and seeking further employment and/or education in the mental health field of study as I currently work with the physically and mentally challenged and desire to continue my studies and my work with them and my community.

Grief would not be considered a mental illness but depression is. Please release and let go of all stigma relating to depression as a mental illness. If the heart, liver or kidneys can go faulty so can the brain. Continuing to live life one day at a time and one moment at a time thriving on my own two feet with a very open, full and loving relationship with my son Tyler who is now 22.

Having had great discussion today into bullying and why the bully acts as he does I will not be entertaining the bully anymore. I have made a stand to stand up for my rights and for the principle of the matter. My position is well known and understood. Clearly these are unhealthy individuals that do not deserve my time of day. Hating the fact of the select few who were supposedly Ken and mines dear friends who have condoned the bully all for the sake of a get together in July that they are looking forward to and we were not welcome at because we date each other and I stand up for US in open public forum. It is in the hands of the authorities at this point and I have shared with them the massive number of pages of cyber bullying including insults and threats along with what will be my health record to accompany the print outs. As I have never experienced any issues online other than at this site I determined it best after health referral to turn it over to the authorites as suggested. Working towards July’s goal of essay application for my Certified Peer Specialist Certification and a kayaking trip down ” The Yellow River.” Coming up very soon in my future that I am very excited about. Thank you for your continued support and you may share in the last four years of my life at The Covington News




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