Tyler at Neptune Beach in search of sea shells from The Atlantic

Getting to experience my son picking up and sifting through millions of sea shells at The Atlantic was priceless yesterday. I was able to bring him home from Daytona with everything resolved and closed. It makes me one very happy Mom that I was able to take care of business for my son but not without the help from his father, my boyfriend Ken and of course the State of Georgia and including the State of Florida who all involved were very concerned for Tyler and his best interest considering all issues and the alleged three years ago while still a young teenager and the fact that he had completed all necessary requirements as him and I had worked so hard on. At any rate it is all resolved and closed with him being fully accountable and responsible to  all involved including the Judge and his community as I have tried instilling in him.

Being able to walk along the beach with him and pick up sea shells is a day that I will never forget. Just seeing his face light up to see the beach and sea a free man was a wonderful feeling. I loved spending the day with him in the Atlantic. We had a grand time at The Art Walk and came across some beautiful things. I plan on getting Tyler some authentic leather sandals from a gentleman that I met.

Tyler told me many weeks ago that the song by Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud was our song and it made him think of me thrilled me now everytime I hear it I cry. He has turned into such the caring and concerned young man. He gathered up a handful of sand to bring home and told me he had plans to keep it in a bottle in his room. How much kinder hearted could you possible be? I love this young man that he has become.

Wanting to share my memories of The Atlantic Ocean and Neptune Beach with you guy’s. I got some architectural photos of a new condo coming up too that I need to get posted from Neptune Beach. We had a wonderful trip home and all things went well and safe.

So happy he will get to spend Father’s Day with his father this weekend! Praying for a good weekend for the both of them this Father’s Day!


tylerbeach2 tylerbeach3 tylerbeach12015-06-18 17.46.56



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