As I weep. A prayer for Charleston and the bloody hands of Dylann Roof.

Immediately upon seeing this garden I thought of my children. I must admit that I am a firm believer in Mary mother to Jesus Christ. As she sits in this garden I adored her and prayed to her just as I have in the past in my life during very difficult and challenging times in my life and moments where I cannot seem to gain a greater understanding for God’s Will and Purpose in my life. So I often turn to Mother Mary on a personal level praying from my heart to her straight to God’s perfect divine flawless faithfulness.

Tonight Mother Mary crosses my mind for suspect Dylann Roof of Charleston, S.C. and the mass shooting victims numbering nine. Nine lives that this young man has taken and rid his anger and hatred out on. What I wonder is what he could be thinking that would drive him to such measures? Or what would make him feel so low that he felt he had to take another life in order to gain a greater understanding of his.

As a parent and mother I could not begin to imagine the horror of being told that one of my children were suspect of such a haneous crime and faced spending the rest of their natural life behind bars. I would go insane myself. I have taken a trip to the edge of insanity myself after the estrangement and alienation to my four girls over ten years ago due to being a family violence victim which justice has been served but as I reflect tonight on all parties involved I just cannot imagine things getting so extreme that I would take another’s life. To set out on a mass murder spree must be deeper than what I ever thought insanity was to start with. Much deeper.

I am in fervent prayer for the city of Charleston and this young man along with the victims and their families. How could it be their time? How could this be the way the Lord was calling them all home. The nine of them. I question this tonight and pray for the Lord’s Will and divine Purpose to be fulfilled in everyone’s life in due time. I feel great anguish and pain for this young man as he now sits behind guards and a wall probably back in touch with reality and not believing himself what he has gone and done to nine innocent lives. That he must now suffer the consequences for the rest of his life when at such a young age with so much life before him prior to deciding and making the decision to take nine innocent victims lives. How can one come to that decision and conclusion? How one comes to that type of decision is beyond me. I have been rather upset over this issue since learning of it and have prayed deeply for all involved. He crossed over somewhere. Over into another realm that we are not accustomed to nor that we know of. A destination that our minds and hearts have never dare tread. May the Lord bless his soul and yes comfort even the likes of him as he faces total and pure damnation for the rest of his natural life. What a waste of a young life. How could this be the Lord’s Will and divine Purpose for his life? What sense can be made of it? As I read today the families were very forgiving in court blessing his heart and soul instead of full of hate and angst. Surely you must realize that he crossed over into unchartered territory that we know nothing of and that he needs physical and emotional help at the moment. He needs to be hospitalized and given forgiveness and empathy and stern and strict punishment for his horrid crimes against mankind. Feeling that he shoud be hospitalized is my honest opinion and that is where he should stay for the rest of his natural life. Not behind bars. He is so young and so impressionable. I shake my head in disbelief everytime I think of his face and wonder what his intent was in harming another? Praying and hoping that the Lord’s Will and divine Purpose shine through in the end for all families and all involved parties especially this young man who must now face hell for the rest of his days. More than likely those days being numbered. I pray for the victims families as they suffer loss and hardship and begin grieving and mourning the loss of their loved ones. Asking God to comfort these families and hold them very near and dear to his heart as I believe that God is hugging all involved tonight as a country and a nation we mourn and grieve for Charleston and all ask the question does everything truly happen for a reason? How so? Man has taken another’s life into his own hands and taken that breathing, smiling abundant life and sentenced it to death by his own human hands. God did not punsih these innocent victims nor their families but yet must clean up the after math of this young man’s damning these families by his own free will and accord. Not taking into consideration that he could have reached out for help and served a higher purpose in life than what he dealt himself by bringing this upon himself. The hand of man damning life. Not the work of the Lord. But yet at any rate the Lord our God must now clean this mess up and comfort all concerned and give the world a heartfelt peace by sentencing this man to life in prison or even death more than likely.

I  am not a believer in the death penalty and have not been since working for Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr. as he taught me that it was not acceptable punishment and did not believe in the death penatly himself as he worked diligently on a case in my hometown where the man faced the death penalty for his crimes.

This young man clearly needs guidance, comfort and stern discipline in order for the Lord’ s Will and divine Purpose to shine through. As he will not only face the end of his life at such a young age he will have to answer to The Lord our God and repent his crimes and acts of suspect murderous haneous hate and bloody killing spree. The Lord our God will expect him to answer for these acts of hate and he is more than likely back to reality and on his hands and knees tonight asking for the Lord’s forgiveness. Not certain if he is medicated at this point or not or if he will be sent to a mental facility for evaluation but I feel he should spend his remaining days institutionalized being held accountable day in and day out for making this wrong a right to himself, all the victims and their families and to society as a whole. An eye for an eye and hate for hate never accomplishes any future ground to be made. I even ask for your prayer for me tonight as I have been most upset about this young man and scared to death and nervous, shaking for my own children’s lives, well – being and safety. Concerned over their health and welfair and knowing rest assured in the Lord they are all tucked in safe and sound somewhere with loved ones and not alone in their mind or in this world. Prayerful that the Lord will help me grow to a higher and greater understanding of this young man and not to be so scared for my own children and not to fret their demise. As this young man has damned his very own life to hell. The hell that the Lord our God shall reconcile him to and the one that society has waiting with each fleeing moment as they reflect upon his actions. Prayerful for society and a nation to pray for this young man’s health and soul and to ask the Lord our God to show the families of the victims his Will and divine Purpose in calling their loved ones home. As I do believe that the Lord calls upon us when he is ready for us to enter into his Kingdom and rest and abide in him. But with this young man he has damned innocent life by his own bloody hands. As I weep.




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