Today I heard the questioned asked “What climate created this young man?” I must say I have to agree. What climate created such a heart full of hate and pain. Hate with pain to me is a big issue. I am outraged at some of the photography I have seen of this young man holding the flag of the United States of America and burning it. I am disgusted and sick stricken at his love of loathing the Confederate Battle Flag. Such hate and anger from such a young man. I could not even begin to imagine nor would I want to have to endure the pain that this young man has caused his own family in the midst of his self destruction. What climate did create this monster? Even with the angered sadness I feel and experience I cannot help but think of my own children and the fact that I feel he needs to be institutionalized for the rest of his natural life. I feel that he will be killed in jail and that jail would not serve the higher calling in these circumstances with this monster that somebody created. He is so young and impressionable. There is no doubt in my mind that he has suffered through great family dysfunction at some point and thus a monster was created. I have given much thought to my original statement regarding Dylann Roof and still stand by the fact that I feel he needs to be institutionalized as opposed to prison or solitary confinement but at the time of my original posting several days ago I was not aware of exactly the race of all the individuals involved in the shooting. I did know the young man was white but at the time only knew he had 9 victims. I was not aware that he led a racist hate based life and that he had shot 9 African Americans as they worshiped the Lord. I have felt a string of emotions since the beginning of this horrid mass massacre and have given much thought to all the facts and feel he does need to pay for his crime but he needs to be reconciled with his parent’s and the Lord our God. The Lord our God will hold him in debt for damning man by taking lives into his own hands. Not at the calling of the Lord’s time but at his time as man. As he ran on a rampant gun chase to only injure and kill with malice innocent victims as he worshiped with them. Only he was not in worship as his heart was plotting and planning the massacre the entire time. How saddened I am by the fact that nine innocent victims had to lose their lives in the holiest of holy places while claiming Sanctuary. I am waiting to heart the 4:00 news cast on the Confederate Battle Flag flying in South Carolina and plan to do a little more reading and investigating into the State Flag and his anger towards several other races including The African American Community of which I certainly do not condone nor support. I have been in fervent hard prayer for Dylann, his family and the 9 victims souls along with their loved ones who are just now beginning to grieve. Knowing whole heartedly and full well that these 9 souls now rest with the Lord our God as he was comforting them and guarding them against harms way that day as their injuries were so great the Lord our God called them home to rest in peace with him. Prayerful for everyone involved and looking forward to the 4:00 newscast and what measures the State of South Carolina decides to take at the public outcry to remove the Confederate Battle Flag. Finding a bookmark in a Bible several weeks ago it gives a photograph of the First Confederate Flag of Georgia that looks exactly like the current Georgia State Flag except with the State Motto included. It looks exactly the same as The First Confederate Flag. I will be doing some further research on the Confederate Flag and am sure that I will have some further words yet to come on this sad, sad horrifying event that has rocked our nation so full of hatred and disrespect for human life. As he took 9 lives he clearly had not even a morsel of respect for his very own. His natural life is lost now. I suggest we come together as a community and pray for this young man’s soul and rest of his natural life as he will be judged in the eye of public opinion, the courts and by The Lord our God. Being a young parent and mother I try putting myself into Dylann’s mother’s shoes often and would not want to have to live with the cold hard fact that I had raised a monster so full of hate and disrespect for human life. So very prayerful for everyone.

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