The Flags of The Confederacy

Ken and I found this bookmark in a Bible that was for FREE at a local thrift store in Covington, GA USA It is The Flags of The Confederacy. I could not believe how much the Georgia State Flag looks almost identical to The First Confederate Flag of 1861. Other than the Georgia State motto or emblem of Wisdom, Justice and Moderation it looks identical to me according to this found bookmark.

Now with the Confederate Battle Flag having been called to take a step down in South Carolina at the Statehouse to be sent to a historical site and museum I look for the change in the Georgia State Flag to come in the very near future considering its likeness to the First Confederate Flag of 1861.

The feelings surrounding Dylann Roof of hate and hoping to create a race war has sparked a nation into exactly a whirlwind of the opposite direction and he has not succeeded. Thankfully the State of South Carolina is pulling together in the wake of this horrid aftermath to remain strong and steadfast as a State moving forward with mankind and humanity in 2015.

I am outraged at his hate against the United States flag and that he would have the audacity to burn it and post it. As I heard the question asked on talk radio I ask myself this as well “What kind of climate created this young man?” “What climate created such a Monster in Dylann Roof?”

Wanting to share my bookmark here and the feelings among my State about the likeness to The First Confederate flag of 1861 as I was shocked at its likeness.

flagsoftheconfederacy1 flagsoftheconfederacy2


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