Sheer Will Power. As She Paces. A blog to book memoir.

Sunday morning’s sermon had me thinking about my life and why the fact remains that young and impressionable children still have the divorcing attorney as their attorney during a legal separation or divorce in Georgia. The child having the same attorney as the divorcing parent is a travesty. Children need and deserve their very own attorney during the process of a divorce to really care for and get to the bottom of what is in their best interest. Not to be treated as a piece of furniture or household belonging or material goods as my children were in 2004.

During Sunday morning’s sermon we studied on It being a matter of Will Power. Will Power becomes a grandiose ideal. You can accomplish great things.

I feel that I have accomplished great things with becoming a nursing assistant in the State of Georgia and working closely with the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly as no one would have ever expected me to be working in the health field. I have shown them all wrong and proven to myself and to my Lord God that I can use my gifts and talents for a better world vision and leave behind a great lasting legacy not only in the courtroom for my children but behind the scenes in my life and in my career.

I am now in pursuit of this law along with my Certified Peer Specialist Certification, Stephen Ministry training and a blog to book idea of mine that I have put in motion. Given having accomplished the set goal of nursing assistant I feel it is now time to broaden my horizons and enlarge my territory as in The Prayer of Jabez and by including Stephen Ministry training as part of my agenda I hope for my plans to be pleasing and a delight to the Lord as well as serving him and my community while working towards these goals.

One need ask “Am I accomplishing the Will of God?” Universally all of us want to accomplish the will of God. You must be a part of something bigger.

Philippians 2:13 for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.

Paul wrote Philippians and for the Church to have intimacy with God. In Psalms David writes O most high Supreme. An Energon being what God does in our lives and through us. It is God’s joyful choice. God is giving us the power by his spirit to desire something different in our lives. Delighted in or choosing him over ourselves. Obedience and desire to joyfully choose, teach and transform.

Psalm 119

Delight and rejoice in commands. Transforms us to love following Him. Spiritual gifts are to be put into action. If you know Jesus act like it and live like it. Jesus serves you so go and serve.

I hope to serve God by taking part in Stephen Ministry training at Eastridge Community Church to better serve my patients, my community, my church and my Lord with a caring open mind and heart. I hope that the Lord has this as part of his will for my life and that I will be successful at completing the 50 hours of class time necessary for Stephen Ministry.

As I have often prayed for God to show me His will, purpose and plan for my life I continue to be brought back to the O.C.G.A. where I have left my mark for over 20 plus years now beginning in Newton County to Rockdale County and onto The Alcovy Judicial Circuit of Walton and Newton counties to include all 5 of my children.

I have been a strong advocate for the single parent suffering parental alienation, family violence, parental reunification and the mentally challenged all in one big blow over the last several years to current winning and being justified many times over in a court of law. So very happy and pleased with the court’s decisions in Order and Opinion of my life.

I am now hoping that given I have met my set goal of nursing assistant I can now go onto becoming a Certified Peer Specialist for the State of Georgia and include my Stephen Ministry training as an asset to accompany my skills and training and give me a larger heart enlarging my territory.

I have written of praying the Prayer of Jabez today and pray this prayer honestly and fervently that God will show me his face and his purpose, will and plan for my life once again. So very thankful that he has been with me each and every step of the way and that I have been able to share with my reader my belief in the Trinity and the Lord our God as a risen savior. Being that the Word became Flesh.

Having been in the judicial system for a great portion of my life I have dealt with attorney’s and judges for years now and have been accountable, responsible and ethical at all times and have attempted to carry my life as such as well.

I have spoken to State Representatives Mr. Rick Jeffares and Mr. Andy Welch of my ideas of a law for children during a divorce where they would have their very own legal representation just as I did during my younger years with my two parents divorcing. That attorney at the time being Honorable Samuel Ozburn of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit. Having family and an attorney who cared for me and me alone and I had their undivided attention to focus on my life and the best outcome for my life was a God send as I was not only able to graduate high school unexpectedly I was able to go on to graduate college and to adopt 3 step daughter’s in the process through legal adoption in the State of Georgia.

As I have stated numerous times as there has been no remiss, neglect nor abuse on my behalf to ever be mentioned and no hint, suggestion, question, implication nor accusation ever as to any wrongdoing as a mother nor as a wife to ever be brought to my attention I feel that I have led a blameless adult life and worked very hard to do so as a young single mother since 2004 and to live a life pleasing to the attorney’s, Judges, my community, my church and to find myself along the way.

I am not done just yet. I am working towards the desired goal of completing my certification for Certified Peer Specialist in the State of Georgia, Stephen Ministry training and a blog to book idea of mine that I have been working towards for sometime now with the idea of Charli Savannah’s Law always at the forefront of my mind and how children should not be waved around as some parade figurine for all to simply stare at but as human beings whose lives are greatly touched and impacted by the effects of a divorce and the two divorcing parent’s.

I have no idea what stories, excuses or lies my ex husband has made up to my four girls but one day I will as my girls will tell me along with my youngest biological daughter beside my side as mother and daughter in an open, full and loving relationship as the Court’s have ordered. He has had to have told them some pretty big lies over the course of the last ten years. Him and his family. Mr. Sasser is still so full of hate and vengeance towards me it is unreal and unheard of even given there has never been the first hint, suggestion nor question as to any wrong doing as a mother nor as a wife on my behalf. One would think that Mr. Sasser could take that and put it into perspective for the best interest of my children instead of going around continuing to carry a hateful bashing grudge against me just as he did at the commencement of our divorce proceedings in February of 2004 through August that year to present date as Mr. Sasser cannot and still will not admit that I am and have been a family violence victim even given all the medical, forensic and therapy records that support that I was abused for many years while being married to Mr. Sasser. All to be shared with my girls and with the world in due time as I press onward toward my blog to book aspirations. Becoming a certified nursing assistant was NEVER in my future but I have accomplished this set goal. Now it is time to move forward with Certified Peer Specialist, Stephen Ministry and my ideas of this law for children namely Charli Savannah’s Law so that children can be treated equally as the adults are and not caught up in a tangled web of lies, manipulation and deceit that come with divorce and hate bashing that typically comes from the abusive parent. Which is the case in my situation through the years even given great justice has been served on my behalf and I have won many court hearings to date.

My hope and prayer as I blog is to get this blog to book deal so that I may be able to share with my girls the true life that was led by me in and outside the courtroom that began for me in my 20’s. Given Mr. Sasser has continued to lie, make up excuses and tell far fetched stories of our alienation period I have no other choice in life but to show them different and prove him otherwise once again with my blog to book calling.

Asking for you the reader to continue prayer for me in my endeavors and set goals and continuing to follow me through the rest of my days hopefully soon in my blog to book wish. Very hopeful and enthused over July and August of this year in my life as we head into the Autumn Season I hope to have my Stephen Ministry training completed and working as a CPS towards my blog to book wishes in order to show my girls the cold hard truth of these issues through medical documentation, forensic records, photographs and court rulings to my full favor.

I keep telling myself all in due time, all in due time. I pray fervently for this summer to be a grand one and for my Autumn season my most favorite season of all to be spent in Stephen Ministry with my church and my community. Thanking you for continuing this path with me. It has been a long one since August of 2004 to present and given I will celebrate my fourth year at The Covington News this year as a full time blogger I will be attempting to secure this as my blog to book deal. Thank you all so very much and stay close by hopefully a full fledged memoirist in the very near future.


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