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As tomorrow begins a new day and a new month I am more determined than ever to have placed into law Charli Savannah’s Law. A law giving children their very own attorney during the course of a divorce proceeding and not the divorcing parent’s attorney. One that will give complete and total devotion, commitment and care to the children involved as no one involved in my 5 children’s lives stepped up and gave a damn after my being hospitalized for family violence and codependency with Mr. Sasser as the abuser and myself as the caregiver codependent to his bad habits. My children had fallen through the cracks and were left unattended by many until I stepped up and took a stand in 2005 and began filing back against Mr. Sasser as justice has since been served for family violence victims, parental alienation, parental reunification and the mentally challenged in the State of Georgia. Justice has been served in Rockdale County and The Alcovy Judicial Circuit time and time again since the 1990’s with me as primary caregiver for over 10 years to 5 children beginning in 1992 with my own son Tyler that I have been very close with and shared a wonderful mother and son bond and relationship with through out the years. Now 22.

With the summer months upon us now I am working extra hard towards Charli Savannah’s Law for the New Year 2016 and will be continuing to share of my ideas with the state. I will not let this dream of mine stray or default.

I am also planning on making application for Certified Peer Specialist in The State of Georgia and also to begin Stephen Ministry classes and training in August at Eastridge Community Church in Covington, Georgia to accompany my career as a nursing assistant in the State of Georgia. I want to embark on a new journey into the mental health world completely with my CPS Certification and Stephen Ministry Certification and help the mentally challenged to recover and to thrive.

I have never taken the law into my own hands even though I have suffered a great deal of pain, grief, trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to my ex husband’s continued hatred and bullying and constant state of contempt along with this State damning me as a parent and a mother for no legitimate reason ever other than being hospitalized at Peachford for family violence after being treated at Northside Emergency Room and Northside Staff reporting the abuse to The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department. This information can ben seen at WordPress fully documented and scanned as well as has been given to the courts over the course of the last ten plus years.

No hint, question, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife has ever been in question or put before me. Not ever. Not once. Not by anyone in this State but yet I have had to carry the burden and weight of the parental alienation and suffer as though my children had died. Which is exactly what I have been told has been my experience. Just as though my four girls had died is the life I have had to live with and endure for ten plus years. Even given Mr. Sasser nor Mr. Sasser’s family has ever had complaint one in regard to my mothering or my wifely obligations as the divorce was based on irretrievably broken or irreconcilable differences. Same difference to me. On my behalf that is the fact of the matter. Not including Mr. Sasser however. Which has been held at fault and in contempt on several instances.

I have been a strong advocate in the State of Georgia for children since 1992 to current. My advocacy did not just begin with my own two biological children as I have been advocate and primary caregiver and adopting mother to three step daughter’s in 1999 as well and have written numerous times of the independent adoption report that was carried out and that I was subjected to by this great State of Georgia in order to adopt my three step daughters.

1999 Adoption of my 3 step daughter’s after much advocacy for them in the court system in Rockdale County as their natural mother has been investigated and charged with much remiss, neglect and abuse.

Independent Adoption Report – State of Georgia

I. Verification of allegations contained in the petition

II. Circumstances under which the minor children came to be placed for adoption

III. Whether the proposed adoptive parent is financially, phsically and mentally able to have the permanent custody of the minor child

IV. The physical and mental condition of the minor children to be adopted

V. Whether or not the adoption is in the best interest of the minor children

VI. Suitability of the home to the minor children

VII. Other information – References

Four references were obtained on myself, Leslie Syles, school counselor, Julie Manders, school counselor, Mark Zielenske, family friend, Charles and Dot Sasser. All of the references support the adoption of the minor children by the petitioner, April Christina Fuller Sasser

In order to become a CPS and obtain my certification the following criteria must be met:

I am working as a  Certified Nursing Assistant and am planning to continue by applying for Certified Peer Specialist in the State of Georgia.

The requirements being:

> Candidates must have diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness current or former consumer of mental health services.

> Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED and may be requested to provide a copy of this document.

> Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre – test which is part of the application.

> Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance.

> Must be well grounded in recovery

These facts are taken directly from the Certified Peer Specialist brochure.

The motto of the CPS being “Each One Reach One.”

This summer will be a very busy summer for me as I plan to work really hard as a nursing assistant in my career along with applying for my Certified Peer Specialist Certification and Stephen Ministry training classes along with continuing my efforts of children having their own legal representation during the course of a divorce so that they do not go overlooked as my children have and with no just cause. Which has led to much self destruction, demise and self corruption in my children’s lives whom my girls have no formal education and many children to their name with no hope of a formal education and to my knowledge no career goals in sight due to Mr. Sasser’s incompetence and allowing them by his signature to abandon their high school education with no college ever. Prayerful that my girls will come to realize just how important and crucial and vital that their education is to their lives and prayerful that they will act upon it and remember the days of when I was in college as a full time mother in 1999-2002 as they were growing up and realize that they can make a difference in their lives if they will work hard and apply themselves and persevere. So prayerful for all my children’s futures as I have been over the last ten years unjustly due to this state damning and raping all five of us over the coals all due my being at Peachford and a family violence victim. I have never had addictive diseases such as alcoholism nor drugs in my history. Not ever. I am in my 40’s and have never even smoked marijuana much less any other drug or street drug. Not ever and have never been questioned of such either for that matter and furthermore my emotional issues have been brought on by this states negligence to my children and my parental alienation and estrangement that I have had to endure and been expected to take like a classy lady at all times. Not ever taking the law into my own hands and always allowing the Court to have their ruling and with many wins to our full behalf. Many wins to my full behalf since 1992 to present for all five of my children.

Given I am working towards my CPS Certification, Stephen Ministry Certification, a career as a nursing assistant which I have held for some time now along with Charli Savannah’s Law I will be very busy during these summer months and “Welcome July!” A brand new month and a brand new sparkling new day when I rise.

I plan on attending the 4th of July events in my hometown of Downtown Covington, Georgia at the historic Courthouse on the Square with my boyfriend Ken by my side as we enjoy the grand festivities that Newton County always has and the great display and amazing show of justice and lady liberty that they always put on for its citizens. Looking forward to this July, this 4th Celebration and the upcoming summer months this 2015. Staying positive and positively busy and focused. Thank you the reader for continuing to follow along with me during this uphill climb and battle to sanity and thriving day in and day out. With Autumn bringing my 4th Anniversary as full time blogger at The Covington News.


Please join me in my hometown as I bring you the sights and sounds of sweet summer time in Newton County, Covington, Georgia and thank you the reader for being so faithful all these years as I continue to do my best to bear good fruits of the vine. Through Jesus Christ and God the Father I will be successful in the years to come as I work slowly into a “blog to book” idea of mine from my blogs at The Covington News and hopefully become a memoirist in my near future. With the holy Trinity showing me His divine will and purpose for my life just as He has shown me the importance of my life touching the O.C.G.A. for the last 20 plus years of my life. Pressing onward and prayerfully,

As Always,



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