Where Valor Lies

As I walked around downtown Covington this morning admiring all the 4th of July decorations it dawned on me that some make take offense to the statue that lies in the middle of the historic Square to The Confederate dead. I have always loved this statue and have visited it often in times of grief and distress and just to sit in its presence remembering days of old gone by and my life growing up in Newton County. I do not feel hate nor hatred nor racism when I think of the statue. I feel a rich deep history to our ancestors who in essence saved Covington from being burned to the ground. I could not imagine my life without the beautiful glorious towering town that I have grown up in. It just would not be the same. But so many do not take advantage of our rich history along the historic Square and Floyd Street. I was hoping and prayerful today that no one at tomorrow’s festivities takes offense to the statue dedicated to The Confederate dead. “Where Valor lies.” I was not raised prejudice and have never felt that I was above any other race. Prayerful Covington has a grand time on the Square and no one is offended by the monumental statue.

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