Along the banks of The Yellow River Water Trail

When I was a college student I was also mother to 5 children and worked a full time Legal Office Assistant/Paralegal position including my internship at The Newton County Public Defender’s Office along with Juvenile Probation Officer for The Southwest Key Program of Rockdale and Newton Counties. I was awarded Velocity Student of the Year award and had the opportunity to write an article on my college experience to be shared with my class. It was posted online for many year but now I can no longer locate it. The title of my passage was “The Metamorphosis of a Dream.” I was going from housewife and mother to college graduate and was so very proud that I was able to complete the entire program along with my Paralegal Certification receiving dual awards.

Today I saw a butterfly up close and personal at The Yellow River and it brought back fond memories of me and  my children while I was a college student and all 5 of my children were young. I sat today writing about my 11 year anniversary approaching of marital abuse, family violence, depression and codependency as the caregiver and asked God to send me a sign that he was watching over me and had his face towards my life. As soon as I approached The Yellow River this afternoon there was a big and beautiful butterfly flitting right by my legs and it even let me get close enough to gently touch it. I was ecstatic that the butterfly was letting me get so close. He was so very pretty and such a great sign from the good Lord above.

This month I will be applying for my Certified Peer Specialist Certification through The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and hope to have my CPS Certification by Fall this year. If not, I will just re-apply until I am accepted. I have not been able to apply the last several times the essay exam has been given as I have been working as a Nursing Assistant to the physically and mentally challenged along with the elderly. I am prepared this month to work when necessary and also apply for my CPS Certification. I would love the opportunity to work with the ACT Team and visit clients and patients in their homes interacting with them throughout their recovery phase of their life. Working closely with each patient learning of their lives and experiences. I am a graduate of The ACT Team myself and really gained a lot of wisdom and enlightenment from being a part of The ACT Team and Supportive Employment as I secured a job as a Nursing Assistant.

This August I will also be praying to take Stephen Ministry training classes through my church at Eastridge Community Church gaining my Stephen Ministry Certification so that I may use it in my community, at my church, with my patients and with the ladies of the Newton County Jail where I have had my interview process and am now on the waiting list to be able to minister with the ladies.

So July and August will both be pretty busy months for me as I will be most studious and working extra hard to further and broaden my horizons and enlarge my territory as I pray the Prayer of Jabez daily and nightly. Praying that God’s Will continue to be done in my life and for him to show me purpose and reason as to why 5 young ladies lives had to be ruined by the hands of this state of GA in August of 2004 being raped over the coals and no justice and no bond left between us as you can read of at my Covington News blog and here at WordPress.

Five young ladies lives that were ruined in which my girls have no formal education and continue to have child after child with no education and no career to their names by the signed permission from their father to abandon their high school educations. I love my children and grandchildren whole heartedly and do my best to keep up with their lives and all my grandchildren but my girls and evidently Mr. Sasser and his parent’s do not understand  the importance of their education and career goals. As I hope to one day be able to make a difference in their lives and to show them that they can succeed if they will apply themselves even with children just as I did with 5 children of my very own as primary care giver for over ten years.

I hope to be working as a CPS by this Fall for The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network or View Point Health. I will be applying myself to my studies and working extra hard to continue to bear good fruit this summer season into the Fall where I will be celebrating my 4 year anniversary as full time blogger at The Covington News.

Hoping you love the sign my father Mayron Fuller “The Man from Yellow River” left me today. Here is the gorgeous butterfly. Thank you and love you Dad!

DSCF2457[1] DSCF2458[1] DSCF2461[1] DSCF2464[1]


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