Stephen Ministry training classes coming up in August

I have been attending Honorable Ozburn’s Sunday morning lectures and class for some time now and one Sunday morning came across the book When and How to Use Mental Health Resources A guide for Stephen Ministers, Stephen Leaders, and Church Staff by Kenneth Haugk Ph.D . so I picked it up and began reading it. I took it with me and have been reading a little here and there when I have the time but have found it most interesting. So interesting in fact that my plan is to take the Stephen Ministry training classes in August at Eastridge Community Church and become certified in Stephen Ministry. My hope is that I will be able to use the training classes in my career as a nursing assistant helping the physically and mentally challenged along with the elderly and grieving. Along with using my Stephen Ministry training as a Certified Peer Specialist in my future to help my mental health clients in recovery and self-help recovery during times of stress, anxiety, grief, depression and loss.

Stephen Ministry training topics include:

The person of the caregiver

Dealing with feelings


Distinctively Christian caregiving

Process – oriented caregiving

Christian assertiveness

Maintaining boundaries

Crisis theory and practice

Maintaining confidentiality


Using mental health professionals and other community resources

Ministering to grieving persons

Helping suicidal persons get the help they need

Bringing closure to a caring relationship

Participating in supervision

How to make a first caring visit

Following Jesus in caregiving

Ministering to the dying, their family, and friends

Caring for people before, during and after hospitalization

Ministering to those experiencing losses related to aging

Ministering to those needing long term care

Ministering to those experiencing separation and divorce

Caring when childbirth turns into a crisis

Providing Spiritual care

In August my plan is to take the Stephen Ministry training classes and to read through the entire book during August along with my study materials.

So my plan is to help my patients as nursing assistant and to also minister to and worship with the ladies of Newton and Rockdale County jails offering them a sense of stability and that they can and will recover from being incarcerated so that they can face the world once again upon their release. I have already went in for my interview process at Newton County Jail and am on their waiting list to be able to minister with and worship among the ladies housed at the jail providing them with Spiritual correspondence and Bible study materials so that they will have roots to stand on and the Lord our God as their guide through their troubling experiences and so that they may grow while incarcerated and not give up so that they may better serve society when released.

I have spoken with Honorable Ozburn about my plans and he feels it would be well worth it and in helping my bedside manner too. I will be discussing with him as my lead Elder my studies of Stephen Ministry and begin once again in August attending his Sunday morning lectures as during the month of July the classes have not been on the calendar.

So very thankful to have a church home and church family to call my own. Eastridge Community Church an Elder led Church that has brought me much solace and peace of mind. A solace like no other when putting my trust and faith in my church and the Lord our God.

Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

I have been praying for God’s will and His purpose to shine forth in my life. Thus far the Lord has shown me that I would make a difference in the O.C.G.A. with my name at hand since my early 20’s to include advocacy for children, family violence victims, parental alienation, parental reunification and the mentally challenged. My name came be found though out the O.C.G.A. in the judicial system and courts as advocate for 20 plus years to present date.

The Lord has also shown me that I would have a career in the health field pursuing my Certified Peer Specialist Certification through the GA Mental Health Consumer Network as I have been working fruitfully as a nursing assistant to the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly.

The Lord has shown me that I will continue to thrive regardless of my life circumstances or problems and adversity that I face. I will survive each trial and testament to the Glory of The Lord.

Anxiously awaiting classes to begin on Stephen Ministry certification at Eastridge.



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