Celebrate Recovery XI YEARS My Grace is Enough For You

I attend Celebrate Recovery Eastridge on Thursdays at 6:00 for dinner, 7:00 for worship service, 8:00 for small group recovery and 9:00 New Hope Diner for coffee and cake. Tonight was a very special night at Celebrate Recovery for me as I received my 11 year chip for my 11th year of recovery amidst family violence, marital discord, depression and codependency as the caregiver.

In Honorable Bills  prepared proposed Opinion of May 27th of 2004 I was to be given custody of our youngest daughter who is now 15 and for Mr. Sasser NOT to interfere in the relationship of me and my older 3 legally adopted step – daughter’s and that I would be in attendance in counseling and therapy for codependency as the caregiver to Mr. Sasser. I have never had an issue of addictive diseases during my life but have dealt with being a codependent to many including Mr. Sasser along with once our separation and divorce process began my 4 girls became his codependent caregiver losing any and all sights to a bright, happy and shining future that I had planned for them for many years. Leaving me left with many grandchildren whom I love dearly but with girls with no formal education to their names and all nearing 30 at this point. Being raped over the coals on August 5th 2004 by Rockdale County even though the report of family violence was filed properly by Northside Hospital to The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department by the hospital staff and listed as family violence at Peachford as well at my time of voluntary admission for grief therapy. You must understand I had been a victim of family violence and domestic violence since our dating days in the early 90’s bowing down to Mr. Sasser’s every wish and command for many years and when I finally decided to come out for good I get knocked around and kicked down by the very community I had advocated for my older 3 girls for years in and the same county I had adopted them in during my pregnancy in 1999. I have even read in court documented paperwork that no one knew where I was located nor could they find me and that is an outright blatant lie. My mother and aunt both being nurses spoke with Esquire Mr. David LaMalva and Attorney Paul Oeland making them aware of the fact of my location and I even carried on a conversation with Mr. LaMalva while at Peachford. Given I have NEVER had any question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrongdoing on my behalf as a mother NOR as a wife to Mr. Sasser but yet lost my girls overnight. I have never had any of my right’s taken or my parental right’s taken from me but was NOT allowed to be around my girls due to being hospitalized even though not one single attorney involved with the issue bothered to bother themselves with the truth of the matters and help me and my girls. Even though in 2001 there were Certified Peer Specialists working for the State of Georgia. And here 5 young ladies are losing touch with one another forever. With what was once a very caring, sharing and loving relationship with me as the primary care giver for over 10 years.

I have worked as a nursing assistant and made application to obtain my Certified Peer Specialist certification which requires:

1100+ Georgia Certified Peer Specialists Since October 2001

Since 2001 to present

I have written often of becoming a Certified Peer Specialist to include the following requirements:

> Candidates must have diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness current or former consumer of mental health services.

> Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED and may be requested to provide a copy of this document.

> Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre – test which is part of the application.

> Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance.

> Must be well grounded in recovery

These facts are taken directly from the Certified Peer Specialist brochure.

The motto of the CPS being “Each One Reach One.”

Even though justice has been served time and time again in the courtroom I have still not seen my girls due to Mr. Sasser’s hatred and made up stories, excuses and lies even though he has NEVER had not complaint one against me in the courtroom. Not ever to present.

I have carried the burden of pursuing this issue of visitation and custody pertaining to my girls given our rights had been infringed upon and are still being overlooked. As Mr. Sasser and his family have taught the girls to hate me even given they have never had complaint one about me in court nor anywhere else for that matter since my knowing Mr. Sasser in 1994.

I am a View Point Health client and have been a Respect Institute graduate along with graduating The GA Peer Support Institute including studying for my Certified Peer Specialist certification while teaching many self help recovery classes to my peers. Now working as a nursing assistant and pursuing my CPS Certification.

I have also this August made application to take Stephen Ministry training at Eastridge Community Church Covington Campus where I hope to be chosen and to fulfill my calling of Stephen Minister. I am awaiting a decision on both my application for CPS and Stephen Ministry at this time. Very prayerful that I have both of these endeavors to look forward to this Autumn. As well I will be taking a Step Study class at Eastridge on Sunday night’s beginning in mid September for the ladies of the church.

Tonight I was given my XI year chip from Celebrate Recovery and it means the world to me. I was so happy to receive my XI year chip tonight as I am now entering into my 12th year of recovery from family violence, depression and codependency as the caregiver.

I feel that given I have carried the burden of visitation and custody rights to my girls and won many cases to our full behalf in Rockdale, Walton and Newton Counties, The Alcovy Judicial Circuit along with completing many training courses and public speaking on behalf of View Point Health along with this year being a guest speaker on Thrive Global Radio Network here in Newton County surrounding the facts of bullying and being a caregiver in addition to working as a nursing assistant with many patients that I have cared for including now making application for my CPS certification and Stephen Ministry that I have been responsible and accountable to me, my children, my community, the Judges and my church family.

The chips typically come with a small hole in them so that you may display them on a chain but this XI year chip has no hole in it so I am planning to take it to Mr. Fletcher a local jeweler here in Covington and see if he can make me some sort of necklace or bracelet with my XI year chip so that I may wear it throughout this 12th year of upcoming recovery from the abuse from Mr. Sasser and the abuse from this State that has been justified but never rectified in our names. No public apology has ever been given by The Rockdale County Courthouse, LaMalva & Oeland, Honorable Bills nor Michael Waters for the hell and torment that they have made me and my girls deal with and our alienation and estrangement overnight due to family violence that was properly filed in our names even given Honorable Bills prepared proposed Opinion of just a few weeks earlier in 2004. Of which all these documents can be viewed at my Word Press blog and have been made a part of authenticated court documentation through the years.

I will continue to attend Celebrate Recovery on Thursday evenings and my Step Study class starting in September hoping and praying to flourish as a Stephen Minister if it is the Lord our God’s will, purpose and plan for my life. There was a personality test that had to be taken with the Stephen Minister application and my strongest point was just that exactly – “A minister of the Gospel.”

Thank you for allowing me to share my medal here and I will be upcoming very shortly making a video for Mental Health Justice at mentalhealthjustice.net on my recovery story so watch for my upcoming video of my nightmare of a recovery story from the depths of hell to climbing out slowly, steadily, easily day by day leaving my mark in the O.C.G.A. along my life’s way since the early 90’s my side and point has always shone through eventually. Always make no mistake.

With my loving son by my side through out this entire ordeal and missing the sister’s he grew up with dearly longing to be a part of their lives again and just as myself hating the fact of our alienation and not understanding why?

My XI year recovery medal.

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