Olde Town Conyers GA USA


When a judge declares you fully disabled and gives his decision as fully favorable judgment and shaming is unwarranted.

This was snapped in Olde Town Conyers in one of the alley ways. Well actually in the main alley way from Esquire Mr. David LaMalva’s office who I only have excellent things to say about Mr. LaMalva who was always there for me during and throughout my marriage and in the beginning stages of my divorce. I am still to this day not certain as to why Attorney Paul Oeland did not go to bat for me and my girls given all the evidence of family violence against Mr. Sasser and never a complaint one about me as a mother nor as a wife and the fact that the mentally challenged even in 2004 were being employed by the State of Georgia as Certified Peer Specialists. But unfortunately he did not and unfortunately neither did Attorney Michael Waters. As my father was close to the Waters for many years I owe a certain amount of respect to the Waters and thank Michael for helping me during the end stages of my divorce after picking up the pieces where Mr. Oeland did nothing but nothing was ever really clarified by anyone to Honorable Nation until I held my own Pro Se case presented to Honorable Nation representing myself and issuing subpoena to The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department, Northside Hospital and Dekalb Community Service Board along with Dr. Aleem and records from Northside and Peachford. Honorable Nation reversed his decision immediately pertaining to my older 3 adopted girls and ordered immediate therapy for my youngest daughter at the time. I have since won dozens of hearings pertaining to my girls and have never given up. Even given I have never had any of rights stripped nor taken from me where my girls are concerned I could not see them because I had been a patient at Peachford with a voluntary admission and counseling and recovery from many years of family violence that the Rockdale County District Attorney’s Office is and was fully aware of existed in our lives and had been involved with our lives in the past with mine and my children’s facts of abuse always to prevail.

Since winning dozens of hearings in the Alcovy Judicial Circuit and Newton County, Georgia . Even given Mr. Sasser and his family have never had complaint number one in regard to me as a mother nor as a wife and I have never had the first question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation by anyone as to any wrong doing as a mother nor as a wife.

For the last year I have been working as a nursing assistant and have gained much experience in the health care world. I have also studied for and made application for Certified Peer Specialist for The State of Georgia.

Certified Peer Specialist

1100+ Georgia Certified Peer Specialists Since October 2001 Since 2001 to present I have written often of becoming a Certified Peer Specialist to include the following requirements: > Candidates must have diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness current or former consumer of mental health services. > Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED and may be requested to provide a copy of this document. > Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre – test which is part of the application. > Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance. > Must be well grounded in recovery These facts are taken directly from the Certified Peer Specialist brochure. The motto of the CPS being “Each One Reach One.”

I have been working very hard on becoming a CPS for the State of Georgia and intend on making application for any and all positions re: CPS. This is me here in Olde Town Conyers 10 years later after being told I could not see my girls as a mentally diagnosed individual due to family violence and being the codependent caregiver.

This is a much kinder and gentler time in my life and I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a nursing assistant and am very proud that I have accomplished this along with graduating from New Rock Day Program, The Respect Institute and GPSI through the GA Mental Health Consumer Network along with taking and teaching whole health wellness classes among and to my peers in my community working closely with the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly for the last several years on the importance of whole health wellness.

I was as well a recent guest on Thrive Global Radio Network working closely with Mary Nichelson and Kellye Williams on the show. It was such a great pleasure working with such talented and loving ladies of my community. It was such the pleasure.

Both of my parents are deceased along with all 6 of my grandparents maternal and paternal and biological. I do not have a strong support system in my life other than View Point Health and the ladies of View Point Health who support me and give me friendship in the best way they can. But my clinician and CPS Ms. Brenda Williams is no longer at New Rock so I am really going to suffer with her gone and truly miss her guidance, direction, lesson and love. I will surely miss Ms. Brenda whose door was always open with no judgment or cutting you off or brief nor short in her words or time she would spend with you. I owe my life to Ms. Jennifer Speights and Ms. Quianna Sydnor along with several other ladies of View Point Health that I have tried and attempted time and time again to make very proud of me and carry on in honor of their grand footsteps working closely with many programs and conferences through View Point Health including graduating The ACT Team and attending Supportive Employment gaining my own position in the health care world. Showing to the world that yes a mentally challenged person can survive and thrive in a world while teaching of the rape of stigma. I have advocated against the rape of stigma for many years now and feel that I am slowly yet surely proving myself and my point to my community instead and opposed of lashing out directly at the attorneys involved in my divorce who did not have time to ensure mine nor my children’s futures whose lives have been neglected and shot to hell which is their stories but have been hard, touch and unnecessary given they had me as a primary care giver who gave whole heartedly 100% of the time and was ripped away from one another overnight.

I have advocated also for Alpha 1 over the years on myspace and on facebook. Being an Alpha 1 carrier and a diagnosis of COPD at 43 having to see pulmonology on a regular basis and requiring proper medical attention and medications for my whole health wellness. I have taken care to take responsibility for my life and for my actions and how I choose to live my life and feel that I have or rather know that I have been held accountable and shown up. I have proven my capability and ability to be responsible and accountable even given I was considered a pillar of my community and excellent mother by many. It has been a nightmare that I would not wish on my worst enemy. But my girls will know the truth of the facts of the matter from me and my son one day soon in the very near future as I keep praying for a good strong and solid relationship that we once shared.

I will for as long as I can continue in the health care world and to take care of myself single handedly even given I am on full Disability per The Newton County Social Security courthouse and Honorable that issued fully favorable after hearing my case of physical and mental ailment and divorce/custody/visitation issues that I have endured. The judge was made fully aware of all of it involving my life. My attorney prepared and presented an excellent Brief and case on my behalf and I was very much impressed and pleased with her work for me and my son.

It is pertinent that I be able to get to regularly scheduled doctor visits and specialty appointments and maintain my medicine regimen which requires being able to call ahead and to go and pick up the medications each month. I also attend church in Covington at Eastridge Community Church on Thursday for Celebrate Recovery and on Sundays for church service and Honorable Ozburn’s lectures. It has been horrific trying to find a way to the doctor, to get med’s, to church, for anything as I have struggled having to ask everyone if they could provide me transportation after my Impala I have had for years now went down and the transmission has gone out on me leaving me basically stranded with it entirely too expensive to repair or replace and keep the note up as well.

I know full well and realize that I am asking for assistance for a used auto but it is necessary in today’s world and feel that I am responsible and ethical and would make a great candidate for GoFundMe so I initiated the start of an account. I have read over the site and some of the causes people instill. I feel that my cause is a good cause and with good reasoning. I definitely ask for your fervent prayer and would greatly appreciate any monetary value that you may be able to donate so I am not left during the upcoming cold months of winter with no transportation. I feel that my cause is powerful, incredible and unique in that I am independent and work hard even given illness to maintain whole health wellness. Thank you for sharing in my daily updates and in my story. I will give a link here for my Covington News blog where you may visit the last nearly 4 years of my life.



Finding out in 2000 that I was a carrier of the genetic disease Alpha 1 was very heartbreaking and as I sat at my computer I can recall crying over the sad stories I was being introduced to and my ex husband telling me not to sit there and get myself upset. Many family members have also discovered that they too are carriers of Alpha 1. My Alpha 1 has now progressed into COPD which I am directed to take steroids and use an inhaler on a regular basis. With the pulmonology department pretty much assuring me that I can always count on in the colder months to be sick and hospitalized due to the Alpha 1 and COPD luckily I have an excellent physician in both the physical and mental aspects of my life. It is pertinent that I keep all appointments and of course I would love to be able to get to and from church without having to ask for help or beg a church member to pick me up or drop me off each week. I have missed several Sundays now for not having anyone to pick me up and am unable if given an assignment at work to return to work without an auto. Currently on PRN status but without an auto cannot return.

I would love to tell of my children’(s) stories of Alpha 1 too including step – daughter’s I adopted but this is my children’s stories and life to tell. Oddly enough being a mixed family with so much genetically in common with me and their step – brother.

I have made application for Stephen Ministry training at Eastridge and it has been moved to January but I have already turned in my application and have had my initial interview at The Newton County Jail to tell of my recovery story to the ladies giving them hope and encouragement that yes there is a brighter tomorrow outside of those four hellacious walls. I hope to be able to minister to and fellowship with the ladies who I feel need more self – help therapeutic classes while incarcerated which I intend on addressing with the Alcovy Judicial Circuit Mental Health Courts in my very near future. There is a step – study program coming up in September at Eastridge that I would love to be able to be a part of and attend if at all possible. I do not know of anyone who could pick me up every week in order for me to attend. I was recently re- baptized at Eastridge Community Church in a re-dedication of my life to the Lord and to my fellow ministry partners and prayerfully hope that I am able to continue attending church on a regular basis.

Hoping and praying for a future social gathering among friends and mentors benefitting The Alpha 1 Foundation.

I thank you for allowing me to share. Prayerfully, in His holy name, April


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