Thankful for Mrs. Deb today

Being made beautiful courtesy of one of my dear and best friends Mrs. Deb. She is always doing everything within her power to build my self esteem and build me up. Without her as a mother figure in my life there have been so many times that I would have no idea what I would have done without her. She is always so good to me and cares enough that even though on most days I do not even feel like getting out of the house to make sure I look beautiful and so therefore inspiring me to do more and be more.

Over the last few days I have attempted to give a little background history on my life with daily updates. If you are a regular follower of mine I am sorry if you are feeling like you are having to re read my blogs all over again but you see I started up a Go Fund Me account and have been trying to give some background history on my diagnosis of Alpha 1, COPD and depression along with being the codependent caregiver.

With Women’s Equality Day being yesterday I strongly feel that I have fought progressively and passionately for women, children, family violence victims and the mentally challenged to have fair and equal rights in this world along with continuing to maintain a health strong bond and relationship with your children even though you are mentally challenged and a family violence victim.

The decision in 2005 was that any ruling pertaining to custody or visitation would be ruled on at a later date upon either party including myself or Mr. Sasser petitioning the court for said ruling given my “mental condition.” I had been in the hospital for family violence, depression and codependency as the caregiver for recovery while both hospitals reported the abuse to The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department who in return closed the case 2 weeks later following the hospital reporting the abuse because of not being able to locate me according to Lt. John Mumford who at a later date appeared personally in open court under my subpoena to hand deliver Honorable Nation the abuse file and the reports that were made from the hospital. Alongside Lt. John Mumford was Northside Hospital and The Dekalb Community Service Board all there in open court to testify on my full behalf. Honorable Nation told Mr. Sasser and my girls that I could see and talk to and spend time with my older 3 adopted girls at any time and that the ruling would be for my daughter to begin therapy and counseling for our reunification process. I was pleased with Honorable Nation’s decision at the time and then the case moved to The Alcovy Judicial Circuit where with Honorable Rhymer and Honorable Ozburn me and my daughter have won each and every hearing. Apparently my daughter has stated that she does not want to see me or be a part of my life. She was a toddler when all this began. Mr. Sasser has fed my girls so many stories, excuses and lies about my parental alienation it is unreal. The relationship with Mr. Sasser was always hostile and volatile and at any point during any family violence circumstance me and my children in the end have always ended up deemed family violence victims of Mr. Sasser after thorough and further investigation.

Mr. Sasser would not like it if I discussed specifics of our relationship and his bad habits therefore I advocate against domestic violence discussing the facts from authenticated documents and hold in all the horrific specific details of life with him in the Sasser household with me as the primary care giver to 5 children and Mr. Sasser using Honorable Nations decision to ruin my relationship and bond with my girls. I get so disgusted typing the fact that Mr. Sasser nor his family have ever had any complaint regarding me as a mother nor as a wife for that matter. I have never had the first question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing as a mother nor as a wife.

I have shared the requirements of becoming a CPS time and time again. As follows:

Certified Peer Specialist

1100+ Georgia Certified Peer Specialists Since October 2001 Since 2001 to present I have written often of becoming a Certified Peer Specialist to include the following requirements: > Candidates must have diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness current or former consumer of mental health services. > Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED and may be requested to provide a copy of this document. > Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre – test which is part of the application. > Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance. > Must be well grounded in recovery These facts are taken directly from the Certified Peer Specialist brochure. The motto of the CPS being “Each One Reach One.”

I have spent the last year working as a nursing assistant and plan to hopefully one day have my CPS Certification.

I found out in 2000 that I was an Alpha 1 carrier and that several other family members were as well Alpha 1 carriers. I have since been diagnosed with COPD and it is a daily struggle to feel good, look good and remain positive showing the world that I am and can be positive even in light of being an Alpha 1 carrier, COPD and depression with PTSD.

Mr. Sasser and this state ruined my life and raped me over the coals with no help that I was able to resolve within a matter of a few months and then with the help of Esquire Matt Ledbetter for years to come with continued wins in court.

It is pertinent and very important that I keep up with whole health wellness to include pulmonology and psychiatry. As at this time I am lung effected Alpha 1 carrier with COPD.

My grandmother passed away from Cancer when I was 10 years old. She was only 49 at the time and my grandfather passed away from brain tumor cancer several years later. This would be my maternal grandparents. My biological and paternal grandparents have all had issues with Cancer and often concerns with with did anyone actually have Alpha 1? I did not find out until 2000 it being a genetic disease never tested for until the last resort. It is a simple lab draw but given it is genetics it is never tested for unless specifically requested. My youngest daughter was in liver failure and thus our entire family was tested. I can and will share that I have had biological and step children with two men that share in my illness of Alpha 1 allowing them to share their stories of being Alpha 1 carriers.

Of course I hope to raise enough funds to help me with an auto and give a portion to The Alpha 1 Foundation along with raising awareness of Alpha 1 worldwide. I have been an advocate since MySpace was really popular but typically do not like to discuss the fact of having a chronic debilitating illness. I have decided to become more of an advocate for Alpha 1 given now I also have COPD due to inherited emphysema caused by Alpha 1.

You may also visit me at my Covington News blog for the last nearly 4 years of my life now. I will celebrate my 4th anniversary with The Covington News this November. I am also at WordPress where I began over 5 years ago with therapeutic blogging as instructed by my psychiatrist and clinician.

There was a time period of my life that I had to endure some serious hardship leaving open the door to my health care world in light of the trauma. Given I would give the shirt off my back and any medical records necessary of my families if ever needed to protect this entity and individual. Where in short I experienced a death after life experience with someone as a “medium” of sorts if you will and strongly feel that they were trying to speak to me in ways of getting a point and facts across to someone very important. Even through enduring the hardship my health was at the forefront of the instance and my circumstances and still is to this very day. I am more than my circumstances and my God is greater than any daily circumstance I may be experiencing.

Being able to pray with Kellye  and Mary at Square Perk was a huge blessing as Kellye’s prayers are powerful and have withstood the test of time as anything and everything she has ever prayed with or for me about has come to pass. Mary’s husband led us all in prayer and I am counting on prayer once again being answered in my life. I am only hoping to give and shed some light on my background for you. I attended school in Newton County my entire life from Kindergarten through College becoming a Business/Legal Office Assistant and Paralegal to many. Including my internship with the great Esquire Mr. John Strauss may he rest in peace. His passing was during a very hard enduring road of mine and I was so grief stricken. My mother’s passing was also at this same very time. My son Tyler lost both his grandmother’s in the very same year with his paternal grandmother passing as well.

Me and my son Tyler have always carried and maintained a very full, strong and loving bond between us through the years and I have taken care of him as much as I possibly could being a single mother.

I ask for your patience as I struggle through this time in my life with blogging being very therapeutic for me according to my doctor. I am hoping to continue to maintain whole health wellness and attend church as I was just recently re baptized moving my letter of membership to Eastridge Community Church where I attend Celebrate Recovery on Thursdays and Sunday morning worship along with Honorable Ozburns Sunday morning lectures at Eastridge.

Thank you for you caring time today and for allowing me to share.

I feel that it is also near time for me to deliver my testimony at church. I am awaiting Stephen Ministry classes in January and hope to be able to begin a Step Study class this September for ladies as I continue with my study of Recovery celebrating this year my 11th anniversary.

Thank you for allowing me to share and so much love and gratitude to Mrs. Deb for always caring about me, my appearance and my world. I could never repay her or fill her shoes.

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