Sorry if you are reading this and feel that I am on my soap box

Thinking this evening on how hard a fact it is to swallow that I do not have a strong support system in place in my life. I have wonderful friends such as Mrs. Deb, Mrs. Mary, Kellye, April, Wanda, Becca, Mrs. Brenda, Mr. Bruce, William, Mrs. Quianna, Mrs. Jennifer, Mrs. Judy, Elvin, Mark, All the business owner’s on the historic Square, Eastridge Community Church ministry partners. Any of the above would gladly be there to talk to me, to lift me up, to encourage me, to listen to my woes, pains and hurts and have even given me help with transportation since my car broke down. Including my half brother Laroy who is a mechanic that looked at my car at no charge for me. Mrs. Alecia, several on fb that comment or like my status, photos or blogs day in and day out. Christy, Christy Ridling Stowe whom I have know my entire life and she is just a given. And of course Ken and his mother.

I am wanting and longing for a strong bonding support system. My parent’s are both deceased and I want friends who would drop anything at a moment’s notice and be there for me including my family and church ministry partners.

Attending a church whose motto is to Worship, Connect, Contribute and Reach the World. This should be a given that they would drop everything for a fellow church ministry partner and do everything within their power to assist and help them by being available, openly kind and caring, generous in faith and love and acknowledge in all your ways.

I want a strong bonding support system that includes my family as well. I get so tired and fed up with this “family” issue. Family members who do not even give a damn. It is such a sad situation at times. I could go through a long list of family that evidently clearly must be pretty dysfunctional and not know how to carry on relationships or bonds with others.

I hate to sound ugly but I was raised to love and care unconditionally and would drop everything I were doing or give the clothes off my own back to help anyone in this world that needed it by giving by whatever means necessary or that I was capable of giving to them. Any power that was within my reach.

I do not mean to sound ugly or hateful to my dear friends and close loved ones that are mentioned above and if you were left out I am so terribly sorry. Just sitting here tonight thinking of who all proves to me their undying and unconditional friendship and love and faith in the Lord’s holy name.

It would be nice to get a quote, a comment, a passage, a message of hope, endurance and faith from those you love and care about. Just a simple hello to let one know that you are thinking of and praying for them and miss them when they are not around. Is there something that the world does not see to be proper with this or was I just raised wrong in being taught to love and care for unconditionally and to love your fellow church members and to show that love as much as you possibly could not by ignoring them and then going off to church on Sunday morning as if everything were okay.

I do have the ladies of View Point Health as well but they are not my family and they are not my friends. They are my friends to a certain degree but they are my mentor and clinicians. I also have my fellow peers that I dearly love and spend a good amount of quality time with and have shared much of my life over the last several years with and just love and adore to death.

Can the world not see when someone is hurting and in genuine pain and/or in need of assistance. At least a hello or a message of prayer would be considered a blessing in today’s times evidently.

Sorry if you are reading this and feel that I am on my soap box. Just a little irritated tonight over having a chronic illness and both my parent’s being deceased and no longer here with me. Enjoy the remainder of your evening.


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