September greets Georgia USA

September greets Georgia USA

September has arrived with the coming of Fall in just a few short weeks but we are still having tank top, shorts and flip flop weather here in Georgia. I can recall last year even while visiting the Pumpkin Patch and Farms at Mitcham Farms it was still very warm outside in October. The Square is fully decorated with Halloween and now Pumpkin Spice Season at Square Perk Cafe has finally arrived. I have not had any luck at all in finding a reasonable, dependable and feasible auto. My friend William does have a Ford F 150 but he cannot get it to turn over, crank nor run for that matter. No luck at all today attempting to get it started and running. Prayer would be nice that perhaps we can get it up and running this week. It does need a headlight assembly and tags and taxes and a couple other minor things but I am in desperate need of an auto and was looking to pay my friend monthly for the auto and get the headlight assemble and taxes and tag paid for. But unfortunately at this time we cannot get it up and running nor to turn over for us.

Ken and I walked up to the Square today and along our walk I still saw many many flowers abloom even considering Fall is upon is in 23 days. Still very pretty abloom and warm here in Georgia. I am ready for boot and scarf weather. Not really fond of the winter months but am certainly looking forward to the Autumn. I can almost guarantee that the Autumn season will be very short lived just as it was last year.

So very scared at the moment needing transportation to and from work and to and from physician appointments and for picking up prescriptions and attending church and Celebrate Recovery on Thursdays. This is just something that I am going to have to let go of and turn over the the Lord and pray his purpose and plan  is being lived out and that I will be able to remain patient and keep the faith while Ken and I struggle with no auto and no way for either of us to get back and forth to the physician. Between his Parkinsons and my Alpha 1, COPD and depression it requires a lot for us to continue to thrive healthy and happily.

You may follow along with the last 4 years of my life at my Covington News blog and feel free to visit my Go Fund Me account for any further background information on me. I thank you for standing by me and I thank you for allowing me to share. Welcome September! So very prayerful I will be able to attend church and the Women’s Step Study program coming up. Enjoy your new month ahead.

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