So in welcoming September

So in welcoming September today it was an especially warm day for Autumn to be upon us. More like still the dog days of summer with the Lotus still in bloom just a few days ago.

Ken and I were able to watch the preparations for Dolly Parton’s new upcoming movie Jolene I believe is the name. They were preparing today in “The Little Store” and the store will be closed through Tuesday. It was very fun and neat getting to watch them prepare today for a scene from her childhood. Asked could I sneak a few photos and lovingly was told yes. Cannot wait to see the scene from her childhood that we watched them prepare for today.

Fall officially arrives in 23 days now and I must say I am so ready for boot and scarf season. Pining for Autumn but not looking forward to the winter months especially all the ailment, coughs, sluggishness that comes along with being a carrier of Alpha 1, having COPD and depression. I am so prayerful that this week will bring a new auto somewhere, somehow, someway. I have just been so scared that I will continue to thrive without a way to get to and from work when called upon, a way to the physician, picking up prescriptions, clinician appointments, Ken’s appointments regarding his neurologist and his Parkinson’s along with recently being told he needs to begin physical and occupational therapy. We have truly struggled over the last few weeks. Very prayerful that this week holds our answers and that we will in some fashion be blessed and be able to put this behind us and continue to thrive. We have walked several trips into town and back and thankfully have caught a few rides from friends and/or business owners on the Square that truly care for us and our well being and safety. I sat last night and shut down and just cried and told myself with the coming of September I was going to just let this go and not blog nor visit facebook anymore for a while given all my pain and hurt I was experiencing last night crying myself to sleep. But today I thought so much about the fact that I have already divulged to the entire world that I am on full disability per Judges Order and am only able to work part time as a nursing assistant when needed and that I am a carrier of Alpha 1, COPD and depression. I just felt so naked and vulnerable last night. Feeling a touch of embarrassment too in telling the entire world of my problems but given I am attempting to go into Stephen Ministry and beginning a step study program in September for the ladies of Eastridge I feel it necessary to be open and forthright about my life and my problems from day to day as I continue to grow and try to help others along my way. Having been given much positive affirmation and feedback and great love and concern over the last few days has been very uplifting from the ones of you who have offered a kind word. Please know that you are appreciated and that you will be remembered and prayed for and given thanks for. With September comes so much. The ladies Step Study class at church, The Fuzz Run, my 6 month follow up appointment with my pulmonologist that I missed at the end of August due to not having an auto and Ken missing his appointments for physical and occupational therapy. I try so hard being the positive caregiver and dear friend to him that he needs in his life helping him in anyway I possibly can and by always lending my time no matter what. Giving freely and unconditionally of my time. We have grown together over the last 10 months and have spent the last 10 months in church together at Eastridge serving the Lord together me being re – baptized at a re – dedication to the Lord by Pastor Brad Rutledge of Eastridge at Celebrate Recovery. So grateful for Ken and I for our relationship and walk with the Lord together that we have kept and grown strong in for each other and with faith that the Lord our God will see us both through somehow. So thankful that we both have each other to lean on in times of trouble, stress, heartache and growth in the Lord. I am prayerful that this weeks brings us answers and answers our faith can rely on. Hoping your 1st day of September was excellent as it was a very pretty day on the historic Square and very warm too. Left wondering when the weather will actually begin to change as flowers are still in bloom everywhere and yet Halloween is up everywhere you look in Downtown Covington. I thank you all for your great warmth and understanding as I share in my life’s path per doctors orders to journal and pen my life story always remaining hopeful of going from The Covington News into my memoir. Perhaps a blog to book love story from “The Hollywood of The South, Covington, GA. USA” It is possible as no one would have ever thought I would have spent the last year as a nursing assistant nor the last 4 blogging at The Covington News. So grateful for all the success and good health that I have had that I want the Lord to examine me fully and search my heart totally so that I am living life to his purpose, plan and will for my life. Prayerful that you will continue to stand beside me on my journey. In his loving name, April

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