Mental Health Justice Community

A place where there is no stigma, no judgment and everyone is welcome.

Mental Health Justice Community

Mental Health Justice is an advocacy movement meant to increase mental health awareness.

Upcoming next week I will begin working on a campaign focused on awareness of mental illness for Mental Health Justice. I have been a strong advocate for mental health for 20 plus years and especially over the last 11 years of my own personal experience and story of mental illness where I have sadly also had to endure the pain of stigma. Even from very close friends and personal family members which has been very painful and hard accepting but yet I have endured it and carry onward and press forward in their memory of a love we once shared prior to my diagnosis. I have been diagnosed over the years with depression, codependency as the caregiver and PTSD after having the State of Georgia rip my children away overnight due to my being a family violence victim and seeking recovery from years of confirmed authenticated marital abuse and accompanying depression. I have fought long and hard in the Georgia Judicial Circuit to have an open, loving and close bond with my 4 girls that we once shared for many years with me as their primary care giver. I have had much and great success in the O.C.G.A. for family violence victims, parental alienation and those suffering mental challenges. Yet even given the hard fact of much success in the O.C.G.A. and for Mr. Sasser and his family to have never had not one single complaint about me as a mother nor as a wife for that matter and me never to have been questioned as to any wrong doing, remiss, neglect nor abuse as a mother nor as a wife I still have no relationship with my girls as Mr. Sasser remains in a constant state of contempt and has continued over the last 10 plus years to instill stories, lies and excuses in my girls lives regarding our parental alienation.

My advocacy for children began in the early 1990’s with my own biological son that I have always maintained a very loving, open and close bond and relationship with. Furthermore to include my 3 legally adopted step daughter’s that I gave much and great attention to precise detail while advocating for their lives in and outside the courtroom on a daily basis for 10 plus years in the Rockdale County Judicial Circuit. So how can Mr. Sasser expect me not to continue to advocate for my girls?

I received recovery and counseling in August of 2004 for codependency as the caregiver to Mr. Sasser and for depression and marital abuse at Peachford as a voluntary inpatient with attending therapy classes and expressive therapy and creative expressions classes including codependency psyche classes and training. I also began my world of penning by tearing out magazine clippings that interested me and also including adult coloring books. Which is now all the craze! Ironically, but in all seriousness it works and I am thrilled to death that it has became so popular. Adult coloring books and blogging are very therapeutic and physician ordered in my life and particular case. I have never had addictive diseases in my make up or diagnosis but have attended AA and NA in order to hopefully better understand my ex husband and his life.

I am a graduate of Dekalb Technical College Business/Legal Office program of study and Paralegal Certification program completing my internship with The Newton County Public Defender’s Office in 2002 and have worked several jobs as a paralegal and contract paralegal.

Over the last several years I have worked very closely with View Point Health and peer led teaching and classes of self – help and whole health wellness. I have taken and taught many therapeutic classes. I am a graduate of New Rock through View Point Health and the Supported Employment program. I have also brought The Respect Institute to New Rock and am a graduate of The Respect Institute of Georgia and also the GPSI GA Peer Support Institute of The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network. I have also been in study and made essay exam application to obtain my Certified Peer Specialist certification. Over the last year I have worked as a nursing assistant and personal care giver assisting many physically, mentally and disabled individuals and the elderly with daily care and assistance. I am currently making application to all local hospitals in hopes of expanding my career in the health field as I make application for my CPS Certification until I am accepted by The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network. I have shared my story many times publicly speaking on my life’s events and story of recovery. I have just received my 11 year chip medallion from Celebrate Recovery and wear it proudly as a pendant made by Fletcher’s Jewelry in Covington, Georgia

This September I will be participating in the Newton County Fuzz Run and beginning a ladies Step Study program through Eastridge Community Church as well as have made application for my Stephen Ministry training through Eastridge which is scheduled and has been postponed until January of 2016 but I have already submitted my application. I have also interviewed at The Newton County Sheriff’s Department to tell my story of recovery to the ladies incarcerated at the jail and am now on their list to meet with and tell of my recovery story. I feel that the Newton County Mental Health Court’s need to implement more training, therapy and classes to those diagnosed with mental illness and especially those involved in the criminal justice system while incarcerated as they would greatly benefit from rehabilitation while incarcerated including spiritual guidance and holistic healing practices preparing them for life back in society. Given a book, a bible, a pad of paper and pen can be the accused and mental patient best friend while incarcerated awaiting life back into society.

I am planning on blogging of Mental Health Justice Community and working on a video telling my story for their website and facebook site which can be found at Mental Health Justice Community.

More to come this September beginning next week.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and holiday and be ready to join me in the battle against stigma of mental illness.




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