Get in tune with the humanitarian in you.

I have been self sufficient for over 10 plus years now and pray to continue to thrive and to achieve an even greater state of self sufficiency as I have experienced and sadly discovered that this is necessary and a great necessity in life in our current society. Being a graduate of New Rock Day Program, The Respect Institute, GPSI The GA Peer Support Institute, The ACT Team and the Supportive Employment program to have been working as a nursing assistant and home health aide in the health care world over the last year and with a new patient beginning bright and early in the a.m. Along with taking, attending and teaching many peer led self – help and self- recovery classes through View Point Health and sharing of my story through View Point Health and The Respect Institute.

Times certainly have changed since I was deemed unable to see my 4 girls due to my “mental condition.” Even given I was a family violence victim with depression and codependency as the caregiver as documented in authenticated court documentation here at Word Press and in open court in Superior Court and in Juvenile Court. Having had much success in the court room and now in my career I feel strongly that yes “I have arrived.” I have also been in addition to having my Business/Legal Office Program of Study degree and Paralegal Certification have been in great study for my CPS Certified Peer Specialist certification through The GA Mental Health Consumer Network of Georgia and am very hopeful to obtain my CPS in my very near future but will be continuing in the health care world to advocate for the physically and mentally challenged along with the disabled and elderly to include domestic violence victims and those suffering from parental alienation and for therapeutic processes for all children of our nation. October being Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention month I will be advocating once again this year for family violence victims as records clearly reflect over a ten year period that I was an abuse victim. I have been in recovery for over 11 years now to current and have received my XI year Chip at Celebrate Recovery that I wear proudly now as a pendant thanks to Fletcher’s Jewelry on the historic Square in Downtown Covington.

Having an interview, orientation and State of GA competency exam today this Labor Day holiday was an excellent Labor Day for me and a great beginning into my 11th year of recovery and the coming of the Autumn season. I am prayerful that all continues to go as well as today did in my life and that me and my patient will work beautifully together as I do so love the health care world and advocacy for the physically and mentally disabled and the elderly.

My life has certainly taken a turn for the better in the blink of an eye given my recent auto problems and I am very highly grateful for all my efforts and pursuits have paid off involving an auto and additional hours and more patients and I am so proud to say I have passed this State competency exam with flying colors beautifully today. Such a nice feeling tonight to lie down to after all these years of recovery since August of 2004. I plan to continue to share of my story with View Point Health, The Respect Institute and among my peers through View Point Health and at my Covington News blog where I will be celebrating my 4th anniversary this November 2015.

After this traumatic experience and uneasiness and unsettling days as of recent with auto problems I have clearly seen that being self  sufficient is the best route ever for me. I do ask that you continue to keep me in your prayer time and with loving uplifting for continued success at thriving.

For the last couple of days I have been advocating for Mental Health Justice Community who:

Mental Health Justice is an advocacy movement that fights mental health stereotypes.

I plan at this present time to continue to advocate for the Mental Health Justice Community and perhaps prepare a video of my story using authenticated documented evidence of marital abuse, depression and codependency as the caregiver. The Mental Health Justice Community has asked of me to put together a video of my story and as I have told my story and been recorded by View Point Health I have never made my own personal video of my story of victimization, marital abuse, parental alienation years ago and of great recovery strides. I am looking into preparing and making my own personal video for Mental Health Justice Community.

Please take a moment and devote some time advocating for the physically and mentally disabled and the elderly. Reach deep within and touch your humanitarianism side. Get in tune with the humanitarian in you.



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