Passing the state certification exam which is necessary to obtain employment.

Passing the state certification exam which is necessary to obtain employment. Pushing myself even harder and further this week as I have passed an interview, orientation and state certification exam. Loving the life of the health care world. My newest patient this week is the sweetest ever! Thank you to each of you who have shared in this past year of my life and congratulated me on passing the state certification exam. Now onto more schooling and education! Hoping that this experience will benefit me in obtaining my CPS Certified Peer Specialist Certification.

The Lord just continues to bless me and I am eternally grateful. Knowing full well that I owe it all to the good Lord above and a select few who have a very strong prayer life for me. Other than that I do not have a support group. A strong prayer life of family and friends has gotten me to where I am today and with a lot of hard work, perseverance and pushing myself to the limits. It has certainly paid off though as in this very moment life is certainly good. Providing for a roof over my head, an auto, a career. Why the Lord has shown his face to me with so many blessings is unknown to me but I am very proud to say I am proud of myself and it rejuvenates and refreshes me this week to be with a 2nd company and with new patients as I have passed the state certification exam.

After carrying sunflowers in my past wedding and having them to fill my marital family home I have grown away from Sunflowers and not been really fond of them because of the heartache they cause me. My 3 legally adopted step daughter’s wore sunflower dresses in my wedding and I carried a large bouquet of sunflowers. Over the past 10 years since my divorce I have gradually grown to love and cherish sunflowers once again and yesterday I can honestly say that while I had these photos taken and walked among the sunflowers I sang praises to the Lord our God for continually blessing me and for my first day with my newest patient and a new company after passing my state certification exam it was a great feeling to walk among and share my life with “sunflowers” once again.

What once left a huge hole in my heart has now been put back together and justified. As I have had much success in the courtroom and in my health care career I think back on the bouquet of sunflowers I carried and my girls and feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulder’s if only for today. As I live life one day at a time. It is so true that once you suffer through a tremendous tragedy and heartache and you know the ache of anguish you begin to learn to live life one day at a time putting one foot slowly in front of the other until you reach your next desired goal and destination. A life that is truly worthy of being called a journey. So as I rest tonight I will be at much peace given my great success in court regarding my girls and my career in the health care world. I do thank those who have had that strong prayer life as it has done me good and benefitted me to the fullest. I know within my heart of hearts that all I can ask for in others is a strong and faithful prayer life. I am appreciative and as I give God thanks for those who have prayed for me and as I give thanks to the Lord for praying for prayers to be my answer the good Lord has came to answer my prayers once again and I can once again focus on life and my livelihood so I thank you for your strong prayer life and faith.

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