“Fall into Autumn.” 2015


I recently celebrated my 11th year anniversary of personal recovery from a long history of family violence, marital abuse, depression and codependency as the caregiver. This has been such an amazing end to summer already for me! I could not ask for a better life at the moment. I have a great apartment, recently got a new auto (well new to me) used but none the less great auto for me, my recovery chip from Celebrate Recovery for XI years that I had made into a pendant by Fletcher’s Jewelry in Downtown Covington that I wear proudly, working in a very rewarding career as a home health aide and nursing assistant along with getting a new patient just  a few days ago who is a wonderful gentleman that I already truly adore. As we “Fall into Autumn” here in Covington GA USA we had the 32nd Covington Fuzz Run and EXPO which were both wonderful times to be had. I saw so many happy and smiling faces and loving, caring, concerned individuals that must truly care for me as they shared their open genuineness and hugs for me. Growing up in Newton County since birth has truly been a pleasure and I for one love community events and have been attending many events since the initiation of my Covington News blog nearly 4 years ago now. Their was happy smiling faces, good food, great tunes and very nice vendors set up at the Fuzz Run passing out mementos from their company and business cards promoting small community business where we “Live, Eat, Play and Shop.” The Fuzz Run T Shirt is the best ever! It states FUZZ RUN “Run where the Stars walk.” 2015 Hollywood of the South. It is a gorgeous T Shirt that I intend on wearing quite often.

I arrived early on Saturday morning and was able to run the race finishing in 48 minutes but was not able to stay for the entire day as I had to work two shifts with my patient on Saturday. Working as a home health aide and nursing assistant has truly been a great goal of mine that has been achieved and I have passed The Passing the state certification exam which is necessary to obtain employment.

I am still in study and hope of my CPS Certified Peer Specialist Certification but am attempting to obtain employment through the hospital or at View Point Health. I feel as though I have beat the odds. I have arrived. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful of all. I feel that I have beat stigma and have proven The Rockdale County Judicial Circuit wrong in so many ways in and outside the courtroom for over ten years now advocating for family violence, parental alienation and the mentally challenged having had much success in the courtroom whereas my girls are concerned. At this point I have achieved my goals set out and from this point forward I have to keep telling myself that I can endure just about anything and make it through without failing. Living and taking each day one step at a time, one day at a time.

I will be beginning a new ladies Step Study program at Eastridge Community Church this evening which will last about 9 months but I intend to devote myself to the Step Study classes and really get into the program. It starts at 6:30 tonight and if you would like to come and join in on a ladies Step Study class we would certainly love to have you.

As I “Fall into Autumn” this morning having a pot of ground Hazelnut coffee with the chill in the air I am so looking forward to what all Autumn has in store for me. I thank you to all those who have had such a strong prayer life and for including me in your thoughts and prayers. I am determined to become even more self sufficient that I already am as I cannot depend on anyone except myself to take care of me and lift me up as I have no strong support system in my life given a crisis.

“Fall into Autumn” with me this week as we prepare for this wonderful weather that we are having this morning. On my way to step outside into the chill of the crisp air this noon. Hoping to see you at the Step Study class at Eastridge Covington Campus tonight.

“Fall into Autumn.”

2015-09-12 15.16.16

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