“Taking each day one cup of coffee at a time.”

“Taking each day one cup of coffee at a time.”

As I have blogged in the past of the heart, blood pressure, kidneys, going faulty so can the brain. Today I read this to only affirm my earlier blog.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

People with mental and substance use disorders should be discussed in the media with the same, honesty, balance and constructive tone as people dealing with any physical illness, such as having heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. How we talk about it matters

The brain can become faulty at times as well and it can be Non Linear at that.

As I have been working in the health care field for the last year now and currently with a patient that I dearly adore I think of what it means to be nursing to me. Working as a home health aide and nursing assistant and passing the certification exam for employment has meant the world to me and has me thinking long and hard on what nursing means to me.

A nurse is gentle. A nurse is kind. A nurse is tender. A nurse is understanding. A nurse is patient. A nurse is a humanitarian. A nurse is a leader. A nurse is a mentor. A nurse does not judge nor pass judgment. A nurse holds ethics near and dear to their heart. A nurse loves unconditionally and shares unequivocally. A nurse does not ever teach one to chastise nor hate.

I have learned to apply my ethics from Legal Office classes and Paralegal certification to my life in the health care world. Giving each paying undying attention, devotion and affection to detail.

“Taking each day one cup of coffee at a time.”

Compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic and understanding is what I long for and desire to be known as. While touching another’s life story along my path of nurse assisting. Hoping to touch another’s life with my small but mighty hands as I feel I have proven myself time and time again and love, devotion and humanitarianism towards mankind and all walks of life, race, creed, color, religion, nationality and disability with love and undying friendship. Hand in hand until the end with all whose lives I cross hoping they remember me as shining as brightly as the sun and leaving a great impression of love on their heart’s.

Nursing has no room for hate, judgment nor stigma. Everyone whose life you touched should be held precisely in the palm of your hand and nurtured and touched to blossom in their own timing with the Lord’s divine presence and timing in mind. Nursing should bring one peace of mind. Not stress, anxiety, depression, grief, alienation nor hate. Not ever teaching others to hate or live the life of stigma. There is no room for stigma in our world anymore and I foremost will readily share this with the world, my friends and my family who feel as though harboring anger and hate is the answer along with carrying stigma in their hearts and teaching stigma to others. There is no room in my life as I thrive for whole health wellness for judgment nor stigma to ever touch the balance I create in my life.

When you turn away from loved ones whether it be friend or family because you hold hate, judgment and stigma in your heart you teach others hate and stigma and you teach the world to hate and judge. Being just is a must and there is no room in my heart or life for those that carry stigma or hate or teach others to hate the mentally, physically or developmentally disabled. Treat them with the same dignity and respect as you would treat someone with heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Your life and the lives of others will be a much better place once you come to accept and realize this sometime as you pass through this life.

“Taking each day one cup of coffee at a time.”


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