GRACE Principle 6 Step 9 Personal Study Notes

GRACE Principle 6 Step 9 Personal Study Notes

Evaluate all my relationships. Offer forgiveness to those who have hurt me and make amends for harm I’ve done to others, except when to do so would harm them or others. (Steps 8 &9) “Happy are the merciful. Happy are the peacemakers.” Matthew 5: 7 & 9. Step 9 We made direct amends to such people whenever possible, except when to do so would harm them or others. “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother then come and offer your gift.” Matthew 5: 23 – 24 NIV

Last night at Celebrate Recovery (CR) Mrs. Renee spoke on Grace and she was powerful and mighty and held nothing back. It was the best I have ever witnessed in public sharing of a CR lesson and truly touched me and was certainly intended for me to hear and be present given I just blogged of Principle 6 a few days ago and releasing some pent up anger, grief and resentment towards others who alienated me from my 4 girls 10 years ago that I grieve everyday even given much success in the courtroom. Hearing Mrs. Renee speak really opened up my heart to a bigger and greater understanding of Principle 6 and I am well on my way with my step study class to recovery from anger, depression, grief, anxiety and resentment that I hold onto so tightly actually living most dark in total darkness whether you can believe that or not. Internally I am truly grieving for the livelihood of my girls and their future and our relationships that were once very open, fulfilling, loving and a true bond. If you care to join me here you may read and follow my story and my journey. I needed to hear the lesson but want to get onto Mrs. Renee’s sermon right now sharing in the words of Jesus Christ himself just as Mrs. Renee shared among CR last night. Not missing a beat and with deep emotional ties and her gift of preaching and teaching that shines through when she steps up to the pulpit.

In the middle of life’s storms we have the creator of earth and he is for us. He has a gift for us and is not against us. You must break the cycle of dysfunction. We must begin to own everything he is and by claiming it we receive grace and forgiveness. Then you begin to be able to pay it forward. You will be provided with the tools and steps to live out everyday. You must not express an unwillingness to forgive and not pay it forward expressing unconditional love. Codependency is a slow death. If we do not do something different life can end. One more step and life ends. Misery sets in. We must learn to live out a daily grace with each breath and to teach and love. Grace is offered but we need not be enablers. We may feel that we do not deserve God’s forgiveness. He also wants use us for his glory. He knows the person yet wants to use us is humbling amazing. We experience forgiveness, using us for his Glory and his plans for us. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

Grace cannot be bought. If we feel undeserving he says different. Grace is freely given. Were forgiven by God. Because of our own past we are a trophy of God’s Grace. A new purpose and free gift called grace and all need to accept it. If we allow disobedience in our lives we lose. Get honest with yourselves and others. Whole heartedly completely because of God’s love and care we are able to love others. Work your principles and steps and you will become somebody new. If we surrender and let him transform us. Jesus is in the miracle making business and that he would want to use us is an undeserved free gift. We all need to check our motives. Where is your heart and mind? When we are transformed we will find peace, joy and comfort. Everything changes. We have a brand new life. A purpose. God can turn a mess into a masterpiece. We use it and give it away. A gift that we choose to take and own it.

Grace is NOT giving until there is nothing left to give. It is not money. It is not continually paying bills or bailing out of jail. It is not so much of your time that you lose yourself. It is not time and time again losing our own minds to put others through rehab just one more time. It is not giving of your time until there is no spare minute left. Grace is not becoming exhausted until there is nothing left to give. Grace is not being responsible for others choices or relapse. Grace is not being responsible for others raging fits. The choices others make good or bad are not mine to own. Grace is NOT accepting abuse.

“There WILL come a time” when you will say and put an end to. No more abuse. No more lies. No more taking advantage of me. No more enabling and choking the life out of us until we experience and suffer pain misery and are dry. Slowly dying making choices and have to recover from Grace is not enabling. Literally loving them to death. Christians raised a certain way feel these emotions and for others it is hard wrapping your brain around. You need to make the choice that will forever change your life.

We watched the video “Not Qualified” by Jon Jorgenson and it was amazing. I have shared of his blog on my facebook page and will direct you hear to the video and blog. Please take a moment to share with me in watching it. You will be truly satisfied and happy that you did.

Being ” Not Qualified” is exactly where God starts and whom he begins a great story in.

The choices we made do not define us. God radically changes everything. Do not let your past define you. You need to be radically transformed. Our broken past can lead us to a hopeful future. We are qualified because of who he is not because of who we are. Life can and will be bigger and better with radical change.

I am so super excited over my new step study program on Sunday evenings through CR and that I am on the road to finally grieving my divorce and not feeling numb anymore after so many year of shoving grief to the bottom of the pit of my heart and soul and that I will finally be able to learn to grieve my past marriage, divorce and parental alienation in order to forgive others that have hurt me and my girls in the process in many and great ways even given much success in the courtroom we have all suffered a slow horrific raping over the coals with no public nor personal apologies to 5 ladies who were thriving, loving, sharing a tight knit loving bond and looking forward to bright futures. I will hopefully be able to learn to forgive those and to gain a greater understanding of their incompetency actually being part of the good Lord’s plan for my divine destiny and story In life by contributing to the laws of Georgia and the O.C.G.A. since a very young girl.

Thank you so much Mrs. Renee as I will go into Sunday’s step study class with a greater understanding of Grace. With your healing words I do not feel quite so numb anymore.

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