Mental Health Justice Community video for Suicide Prevention & Awareness

So okay dear folks. My first ever video blog of the synopsis of my story and story of recovery. I did “read” it from a speech I delivered in May for View Point Health and Mr. Ronnie Johnston Mayor of Covington, GA. for National Mental Health Awareness month in May. Hopefully with time I will feel a little more comfortable in delivering my story via video and will be able to deliver my story without “reading” it from a guest speaker’s perspective. I thank you for allowing me to share this synopsis of my story and the long road over the last 11 years to recovery and working as a nursing assistant. I will most likely continue to video myself telling in my story and daily living now that I have attempted it once. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have or you may find me on facebook at : april fuller sasser Thank you for allowing me to share. Facts with very little emotion due to numbness and not wanting to start to cry in despair of my suffered mental breakdown and keeping the focus on being strong and the good parts of my recovery instead of the tearful and tear jerking.



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