Working on video for Mental Health Justice Community

I am working this afternoon on putting together my recovery story for Mental Health Justice Community. September being National Suicide Prevention and Awareness month I am hoping to reach out to others and hopefully prevent anyone from committing suicide ever. I hope that my story will shed some light on the O.C.G.A. and the laws that I have put into place for family violence victims, the parentally alienated and the mentally challenged and for parental reunification whenever estranged or alienated from your children as I was 11 years ago due to being a family violence victim and suffering from depression after many years of continuous abuse and being the Codependent caregiver. Even given much success in the O.C.G.A. and court of law in Georgia I am still estranged and alienated from my girls even though Mr. Sasser and his family have never had not one single complaint directed towards me per my mothering nor as a wife for that matter. I have never had not one singly question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrongdoing as  a mother nor as a wife yet have been the one left to carry the burden of being a parent. Desiring to continue to be a parent even given I suffer from depression and Codependency as the caregiver therefore having a mental diagnosis that initiated in August of 2004 at Peachford after being treated in the emergency room at Northside Hospital for domestic abuse. I hope that you will join me here at WordPress and at my Covington News blog to catch up on my story and to continue following me in my world of mothering and my career as a nursing assistant over the last year. I am anxiously attempting to get video and audio just right this afternoon for a video blog of my recovery story. We will see how that works out this afternoon. Fingers crossed. Thank you for your continued support and concern. And thank you Alcovy Judicial Circuit for believing in me and my love for my girls.

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