Kelly Gissendaner case of the death penalty and execution.

Kelly Gissendaner case of the death penalty and execution.

I do not typically get into discussion over politics. I do however support the family violence victim, those parentally alienated and the mentally and physically challenged and have always supported the betterment and furthering of positive law. So I have been a strong advocate for children in the O.C.G.A. for my entire life since a young girl of being adopted in Newton County at the Historic Courthouse and then as a young teenage girl represented beautifully to my best interest by Honorable Ozburn and forever holding that mentor/child relationship very close and near and dear to my heart.

I have given much thought to and weighed in on if I should comment on the execution of Kelly Gissendaner. I did decide to leave a brief statement on my facebook page regarding the matter stating the following.

Wanting to express my thoughts and feelings on the execution of Kelly Gissendaner. “Man” has taken life into his own hands once again. “Man” took his hand in my life and wrecked it and brutally killed a very strong, loving and close bond with my 4 girls all due to my being a family violence victim and having depression and codependency as the caregiver. And still with no apology public nor private for those to be held responsible. This is God’s decision. Not “mans.”

It is NOT Man’s decision to put an individual to death. Nor is it a Man’s right to deny anyone of their constitutional rights as a human being and/or parent or minor child for that matter.

Man should not believe and feel that he has so much power and control that with the lashing of his tongue and the swing of his gavel that he can bring death to another human being. It is so horrific and brutal an act that it sickens me to even think of it. I was in such great sorrow last night and then in mourning and upset today over having to see where her last words were audio recorded from the execution room itself. How degrading to another human life to put their last words and prayer on audio for the entire world to hear. I am in a grieving state myself. Taking one life does not guarantee “an eye for an eye.” Yes I feel strongly that the punishment should fit the crime. All “facts” and figures should be thoroughly investigated and others input should be put into place when deciding a plea agreement or a sentence to be passed down by “man.”

I do not believe in the death penalty period and never have. I have often questioned “an eye for an eye.” I have questioned this so many times until I just ache. I have even expressed how I felt and wished that those who had defamed and injured me and brought me to my knees in nervous breakdown all over being a family violence victim and codependent as the caregiver would know and suffer the same great sorrow, agony and pain that I have had to feel. Along with the feelings that accompany loss of life. I do not and have not ever wished injury nor bodily harm on anyone nor threatened anyone nor degraded anyone ever. I have always let the courts handle the issues pertaining to custody and visitation of my girls and I have only discussed “facts” that I have scanned into my WordPress account and has been given into evidence in Juvenile and Superior and the Disability courts in Georgia.

I am getting a hard dose of my own medicine this week with this execution and death penalty that was put into action by “man.” Given that I do not feel “man” has a God given right to make God given decisions over a persons livelihood especially being their “life.” Mine and my girls lives were put into shambles and wrecked and torture placed upon us by “man.” And his gavel. Being raped over the coals with no presentation whatsoever of any type of wrongdoing ever on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife for that matter other than being hospitalized and no not for drugs nor alcohol. Not ever. “Man” raping another’s livelihood because they feel that have the “superpowers” to do so is incomprehensible. I will never be able to forget this execution and all the many people that have in fact been released for mitigating circumstances or proven innocent at a later date. Given she decided to tango with a jury and “man” she lost her life as opposed to the murderer getting a plea agreement which he decided to accept instead of gambling with his life over a matter that “man” should have not right to decide nor come to judgment with in the first place. I have never believed in the death penalty and taking law classes only set my heart and mind against it even more so. I am also a mother who could not imagine one of my children being put to death. I love the law and everything it encompasses as I am a law abiding responsible citizen and have felt that I have always been a pillar of my community and do abide by law and allow the courts and the law to handle such necessary matters but “man” raped me and my children and took our livelihood and then at a later date due to my Pro Se Petition and action with my family law attorney of personal representation things changed to my favor drastically and on many occasions. I would have never left the final decision of Honorable Nation that “my mental condition” was to keep me from seeing or having access to my girls. I was not ever going to leave that the standing decision in the O.C.G.A. and did not for that matter.

Since I have had numerous cases won to our full favor and several therapists to testify on our full behalf and Judges to rule in our favor along with have spent the last year working as a nursing assistant and discovered exactly what it means to be a Certified Peer Specialist in the State of Georgia.

Since 2001 to present

I have written often of becoming a Certified Peer Specialist to include the following requirements:

> Candidates must have diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness current or former consumer of mental health services.

> Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED and may be requested to provide a copy of this document.

> Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre – test which is part of the application.

> Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance.

> Must be well grounded in recovery

These facts are taken directly from the Certified Peer Specialist brochure.

The motto of the CPS being “Each One Reach One.”

Proving the courts wrong in so many aspects has been proof positive that “man” is not always right and that yes there is always the grey area in the law. So in the words of Brenda Wood “Did the State of GA truly get this right?” I do not believe so and will never feel that the death penalty is the answer to any issue. Now as I sit here an unknown to the families and loved ones of the executed I myself experience grief and hardship and tears over her death. I can only begin to imagine how her family is feeling. I have prayed for peace and closure for the families and for all involved but there are so many alternatives to death that could have been set in motion and put into place where she could have made a difference in so many lives had the Judges only acted accordingly and not took her life into their hands in the manner in which they did but in a manner and matter that would have a positive impact on all those involved that were hurt and for many future generations had they considered the positive outcome that could have came from this man’s turbulent death. Prison is no longer representing deterrence and rehabilitation when it decides to put another human to death. As in the “Last Word” from Brenda Wood. I have to agree.

I feel strongly that there needs to be more self – help and rehabilitation classes and therapy while incarcerated along with more spirituality and religion taught to those who will receive it so that they can grow and better themselves for being released back into the real world. Especially among the mentally and developmentally challenged in the Mental Health Courts. The Mental Health Courts already put into place “Celebrate Recovery” and ladies and men’s Step Study programs in conjunction with drug testing, therapy and a medication regimen. Why was the only decision in 2015 death for this lady? Perhaps years ago but at this age and time the Judges could have changed and altered so many lives for the positive and for many future generations to come yet chose to still hold another’s life in their own hands raping a female across the coals and killing her. As we as our great nation see as a heinous and vicious act of malicious hate. Yet, not to sentence one to death? And so why not?

Where in the hell was her reform?

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