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Do I dare tell you how good looking he is? Do I dare tell you how much charm and charisma he carries? Do I dare to tell you about all the wonderful gifts and gift baskets I received at holidays? Do I dare tell you how many times a day we spoke on the phone for over 10 years? Yes, because it is part of the vicious cycle of abuse. It encompasses the cycle of domestic violence that outweighs the good moments and only leaves you aching and in pain. Why Mr. Sasser cannot apologize and put an end to our dispute that is now over 10 years old is beyond my comprehension. Mr. Sasser nor his family have NEVER had the first question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife to my children nor to Mr. Sasser. Yet I have suffered greatly by the hands of the State in the beginning and by him and his family according to my private attorney, Mr. Matt Ledbetter, “as brainwashing my children.” This week being Mental Illness Awareness Week October 4 – 10th 2015 #IAmStigmaFree Most people do not know nor realize nor understand that the many years of being a codependent caregiver to Mr. Sasser and one of my children nearly cost me my life. It sent me into a downward spiral and a nervous breakdown following my youngest daughter’s kidnapping and family violence incident. I have since had great success in the courts of the Rockdale Circuit and The Alcovy Judicial Circuit but am still alienated and estranged from my four girls. I went through pure scrutiny in order to adopt my girls. I have always been in the eyes of the court since my early 20’s advocating for children and now my own biological daughter. I have finally spoken with my middle daughter this week who has told me that she loves me and that we can plan on meeting one day this week for coffee. She is nearing 30 now and all my girls need some serious positive direction and motivation in their lives especially towards their education and goals in life. I hope to be able to help them all in the very near future in any way I possibly can. I had a brief conversation with someone over the brain going faulty just as in any other body part could such as in Cancer, Heart disease, Kidney failure, diabetes, high blood pressure. Yes the brain going faulty should be held in just as high of understanding and non – judgement as other body parts. In my case it has been medically proven that the years of abuse contributed to my diagnosis but I do identify myself as a mentally challenged individual fighting and battling against stigma. It was brought to my attention through comment that “random shootings” occur due to those being mentally challenged. I agree that those who choose to take another’s life is in a serious state of psychosis and their mental capacity needs to be seriously taken into consideration and examined but I have had letter after letter and therapist after therapist to state that I am not a danger to myself nor to others. I can only hope that I do not ever enter into such a state of psychosis that I lose my mind. But hanging onto the Stigma that mental illness accompanies is only being judgmental and harsh in judging and placing stigma on the mentally challenged. Luckily in the Alcovy Judicial Circuit we have Honorable Ozburn that cares for the mentally challenged and is an Elder in his church leading growth groups. Of which I plan to share even more of my story with him in the future. I have since gone on to work the last year of my life as a nursing assistant assisting those who are physically handicapped, developmentally disabled, the mentally challenged and the elderly proving to this State of Georgia in the courts and in my career and life that those that are mentally challenged are capable and responsible. Given my degree in Business/Legal Office Admin and my Paralegal Certification I hope to one day possess my Certified Peer Specialist certification working closely with The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network as I already work closely and hand in hand with View Point Health in advocating for the mentally challenged and having taught many classes to my peers and having given many public speeches telling of my story. I have told this story time and time again and plan to continue to tell this story until I receive some reprieve from the Sasser’s regarding the wonderful job I did raising my 4 girls that no one after me considered to put their best interest first as I devoted my entire life to them and their education. Please join me at facebook and at The Mental Health Justice Community for my new video blogs that I am currently working on a video blog site to begin video blogging of my daily life’s event and thank you for sharing with me in the last 4 years of my life at The Covington News. The Mental Health Justice community on facebook is ran by a wonderful advocate for mental health Dolores who allows so many to share and tell their stories with no judgment and no stigma attached. It is a wonderful community to be a part of and so many have received sanctuary from being a part of Dolores site The Mental Health Justice community. I am proud to be part of their family. Anything that I have ever spoken of or shared is posted at my Word Press blog for you to view as having been presented in open court. I do often pray for Mr. Sasser and my ex in – laws and especially for my girls. Trying to reach a level of intercessory prayer for all of them. 


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