This week being Mental Illness Awareness Week October 4 – 10th 2015 #IAmStigmaFree

We’ve all seen it. Welcoming Fall. The Bonfires, hoodies, leaves, pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin, boots, sweaters, scarves all coming out facing the world. Tonight as I sit and think of today I am having myself some warmed spiced Apple Cider.

The falling leaves have officially arrived and I was able to capture a few. There were several that were changing colors already but I am getting pretty excited over the changing of the leaves. All leaves are yet another Spring upon us with its beauty.

I picked up a book at a local thrift store and it has set on my table for several days now. Last night I had a pretty rough evening at church and came home and pulled out this book and began reading the front cover. It amazed me at what I was reading and that I had picked this specific book out at the store.

The front and back covers read:

Even preparing to teach the three – year olds in Sunday school had overwhelmed me – so much so that I quit attending church. Besides, getting my own four children dressed and out the door was more than I could handle. How many of my enthusiastic attempts to find my niche had resulted only in failure. All I wanted was to succeed at something. All I seemed to do was fail at everything. No one understood that I was fighting a mental disease that’s just as real as cancer is a physical disease. To tell someone caught in a battle with depression to “just get over it” or “just make a decision” does not offer comfort or stimulate hope. But God, who commanded light to shine out of darkness, shone in my heart to give light of the knowledge of His glory.

(2 Cor. 4:6) A brand new would beckoned me….. Travel “The Road God Walks. My Journey of Healing Through Prayer (Germaine Copeland) Author of Prayers that Avail Much.

“No one understood that I was fighting a mental disease that’s just as real as cancer is a physical disease.”

Germaine Griffin Copeland

I had just worked on a video blog a few days ago about the brain going faulty just as in Cancer, Kidney Failure, Diabetes, High blood pressure and even heart disease.

As I have posted at my WordPress blog scanned and submitted to the court’s I do not think that people comprehend and understand that my marital abuse for years has caused me so much mental anguish and being alienated and estranged from girls that it has been just as in PTSD. I have been told that I do suffer from PTSD due to the many years of family violence, codependency as the caregiver and PTSD.

I do not think that Mr. Sasser will ever concede to the fact that I have been diagnosed time and time again due to his abuse year after year. Along with, being the codependent caregiver to him and one of my children.

This week being Mental Illness Awareness Week October 4 – 10th 2015 #IAmStigmaFree

Taking into account that there has NEVER been any question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife to Mr. Sasser in over 20 years now why he cannot comprehend how his abuse and the alienation of my girls have placed all this burden on me and heavily in my heart. If a doctor can concur why is it so difficult for the abuser to admit to and to get therapy and change their ways and admit fault and make it a “right” again admitting and allowing others to heal.

My girls futures were ruined. I love the fact that they have became mother’s but given they have no hope for a brighter future I do not for the life of me understand how Mr. Sasser cannot comprehend how he has truly hurt our girls in the long run especially allowing a relationship with their natural mother of them at such a young age years ago when I adopted them due to the proven remiss, neglect and abuse they dealt with from her. With the Petition for Adoption being proven factual and the adoption process completed and a success.

I have been blogging now for nearly 4 years at The Covington News and have now begun video blogging my story. I will be reading “The Road God Walks” My Journey of Healing through Prayer.

I will be advocating this week for Mental Illness Awareness Week this October 2015. Please join me daily.

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