Surrounded by cotton fields, Rutledge’s historic district,    

Surrounded by Cotton Fields. What a treasure indeed along 1- 20 in Rutledge on our way to Hard Labor Creek State Park today. Ken and I stopped to see and feel the cotton fields. I have never until today been inside a cotton field. The cotton feels amazingly soft and brings up thought of yesterday’s history for me. Thinking long and hard on the many that hand picked cotton during their lives. It was soft to the touch but has thorns also. So happy that the Cotton Fields were still in bloom as we passed through Rutledge today. As I walked upon the fields of white driven snow today in the Cotton Fields with skies as blue as sea water and tall hardwoods and redwoods all among me I felt at such a peace to be among the cotton with thoughts of the upcoming Thanksgiving Season. Getting very excited to be soon celebrating the Thanksgiving season and plans to have a “real live” Christmas tree this year. My first Christmas in my apartment. So for now enjoy the scenery of the cotton fields and get out to Rutledge, Georgia to walk among a snow driven field with skies as blue as the fresh blue sea with air as crisp as an apple where you can taste freshness in the air and feel serenity all around you. Please take a moment today to begin to reflect upon the upcoming Thanksgiving season as I was able to celebrate the day with my forever family of Celebrate Recovery Eastridge at Hard Labor Creek State Park.

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