“Daily Inventory Detox.” Celebrate Recovery Eastridge

“Daily Inventory Detox.” Celebrate Recovery Eastridge

Living a life of a “Daily Inventory Detox.”

A normal body process of eliminating toxins.

We should be sharing in a daily Spiritual and Moral Detox. We need to be in concern of our soul and our character.

How long does not matter get rid of pollutants. Steps 10, 11 and 12.

Pastor Brad Rutledge stated he was not one that believed we must continue to go through step — study after step – study that we only need to learn to live the life of steps 10, 11 and 12. Living in these steps every moment of our lives. Using the tools in the first steps 1 – 9 in our daily inventory.

“God asked Moses to take an inventory.” Moses gave him one excuse after another. The Lord asks him “What do you have in your hand?” A Shepard’s Staff. The Lord instructed him to throw it onto the ground and it became a Snake. Moses was terrified and ran away. The Lord then instructed Moses to take it by its tail and it became a Shepard’s Staff once again.

We are not accidents. God knew our womb before we were born and our purpose. Recovery is a  stewardship, just like your influence. You will come to influence over 10,000 people in life in good or bad ways.

Hold in high regard your decisions, relationships and journaling. Take a daily Spiritual and Moral Detox Inventory. Take notes upon studying and journal. You can journal about your Bible reading.

What is your position in life?

Our significance and status should not be in money or pleasure yet in giving our lives away and finding our purpose.

Working tonight on finishing up Lesson 3 of my step – study class in “Hope.” I have come to realize that for at least the last nearly 4 years now I have kept a “Daily Inventory Detox.” Especially at my Covington News Blog.


I will celebrate my 4th year with the Covington News as full time blogger in November of this year where I have kept a daily inventory of my life and been in the public eye believing that if I give over my life and all my skeletons that no one will ever have any power over my life again. I suppose that is the abuse victim in me talking but life was hell while living it in a codependent relationship caring for a drug addict, alcoholic and gambler day in and day out. Since being out of the relationship and being an advocate for mental health, family violence victims and those parentally alienated I have now come to a point in my life where I no longer seek or search for everyone to find the likable in me. I have come to grow and understand after Celebrate Recovery’s lesson on “Daily Inventory Detox.” I have given this purpose, plan and will over to God for nearly 4 years of my life now only to have it affirmed at Celebrate Recovery and to become very useful and helpful while working Lesson 3 “Hope” in my step – study class. Knowing that it is okay to find “Hope” in journaling and writing and by giving over many aspects of my life and daily living and background no one can ever have control over me again nor use my past against me as I have shared openly and honestly even with Judges and attorneys in my community along with my entire community as I have given my life and will over to the Lord’s divine purpose and plan by sharing in a “Daily Inventory Detox.”

This lesson at CR really helped to affirm me in that it is okay to share ones life and have a “Daily Inventory Detox.”

Do you have your “Daily Inventory Detox.” in place?

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