Why would a white woman think I would enjoy a walk through the cotton fields here in Georgia? Is she crazy and insensitive? And when I told this chicken that I would not want to walk in cotton fields with white people, she had the nerves to tell me that I owe her an apology for using the race card. Really?
Well, like I told her, I don’t owe her one. And I am not giving her one. Hell, I wouldn’t like walking through any cotton field – not even with Black people. She will never understand and she will never “Get It.” Oh, did I say that the walk consisted of her church members – majority of the majority. Humph.
My ancestors’ blood, sweat and tears touched those fields and that cotton. But for her, and she said this, the cotton was so pretty and so soft and I felt so close to humanity; the skies and the trees were so lovely. She had the nerves to be angry for giving her a taste of my truth. My truth: I will not walk in the cotton fields with a Black person or people; so you know, I am not about to go walking cotton fields with any white person or people.
Cotton fields? Nope, too much of a trigger in my mind. She can eat my words and choke, if she would like especially, because she doesn’t understand my angst.
Now, to get the chick to stop texting me because I have not read her mess since this morning.

“I feel as though I know what it is to be discriminated against to the fullest. I have been referred to as “white woman” and the “Oppressor.” ” Myself including all my church members have been referred to as “The Oppressor.” In a text that I received at 11:00 p.m. last evening. I have numerous texts where I have been harassed, threatened, bullied, name called, degraded, demeaned and discriminated against all because I chose to step foot into and walk a cotton field. My church did not walk this cotton field with me. My boyfriend and I did yet Brenda has taken it out on the church all due to her thinking as she stated above that the entire church walked the cotton fields. She was overjoyed, excited and exuberant in her messages of Saturday evening to attend a church picnic with me on Saturday. She did not attend as she stated she was sleeping and had overslept but once she saw my photographs of the Cotton Fields she took it out on me and my entire church as clearly she is continuing to do above assuming we all walked the cotton fields even after her joy of wanting to attend the picnic with me on Saturday night. She informed me that she could go to the Newton County Square and get all the nasty looks she wanted. I asked her did she not know anything about the Square in further explaining myself that Mr. T K Adams of Newton County whom I do know and cherish was over the Newton County Orchestra and concert series and that his wife Mrs. Louise Adams had been my elementary school principal that I loved and adored and who shares in mutual feelings of adoration with me as we always greet one another with a hug, kind words and excellent conversation as she was a great principal and friend of mine growing up in Newton County. I have a feeling that Brenda does not know much of anything about Newton County nor the Square. I have endured in facebook messages and texts as late as 11:00 p.m. last evening being called a Racist, harassed, threatened, bullied, name called, degraded, demeaned and discriminated against because I chose to walk the beautiful field of cotton and felt that the skies were beautiful and blue as blue as the crystal sea and the cotton as white and for miles like that of the freshly white snow and made me think of days of remembering the conversations where my family as well had picked cotton. I was amazed at the beauty of God’s creation. A plant is exactly how I saw it. A beautiful creation and wonder of mother nature and mother earth that God had provided us with that not only has Brenda’s family worked the cotton fields but so has my family in the past. I had never stepped into a cotton field until Saturday and thought it very pretty and felt very close to the Lord and his glorious masterpiece and that he is creator of all and of all things glorious and beautiful in mother nature. I have been referred to as a racist and told her in return that I have NEVER been accused of being racist. Not at New Rock of View Point Health, not at my Covington News blog in 4 years that I have been blogging and nor in my career over the last year as a nursing assistant. She is the one as stated above continues to make reference to the blacks and whites as she has done all day today since seeing my photos of the cotton field and me telling her how terribly sorry I was that she had missed the picnic. Her facebook messages and texts are proof positive of the harm she has done to me over the weekend and continues with her unduly rant on facebook as stated above in her own words. I put the issue out there wanting my friends on facebook to know that my interest was in the beauty of the day, the clouds, the sky, the beauty of the cotton itself and how white and for miles the fields went and the cool, crisp Fall air that made me think of entering into a season of Thanksgiving as I had stated earlier on my facebook page to begin with even before posting the photos of the cotton field and that I had not in any way intended to harm anyone and had only seen the beauty in God’s glorious mother nature all around me as I had visited Hard Labor Creek where cotton is known as a tourist attraction in Rutledge Georgia as it grows for miles.

So for her to say “to get me to stop texting her” is such the lie as I was still receiving texts at 11:00 last night and it had gotten so bad that I told her I would take matters to a further level of protecting myself against her if necessary given her messages and texts and the way she continued to curse me out and threaten me and name call using curse words every other word.

I felt it necessary to respond to her facebook post so that I could ensure my facebook family that I in no way intended harm or hurt to anyone by enjoying the day and the cotton fields and felt it was a very lovely plant and was so pretty in bloom in October. As the new freshly blooming bud of Spring or the changing of the leaf in color in the Fall or as a freshly cut Christmas Tree at Christmas. All of God’s glory in mother nature and all his splendor was in bloom and I took advantage of it by capturing a few photos of the cotton fields. I apologize that has taken place as I have never had any real true drama to take place on my facebook page with another person other than my biological family whom abandoned me at a very young age and even that has been mild in comparison. Please know and understand my intent was not to hurt nor harm anyone and only to share in the blooming of the season and the change of the season showing off the beauty that has been given to us by the Lord himself in all its glory and freshly in bloom. Hoping to stress my point enough so that others may not be hurt nor harmed by my photos as I have never been considered racist by anyone in my life not ever until this weekend even given she was the one that continues to reference white people, blacks and sweat, blood, tears, etc., and so on and so forth continuing to pull the race card at every moment and chance she gets when it has absolutely nothing to do with “race” in my heart or my mind. Not anything of the sort. And I did not present it to her in that manner either nor have I made reference to it personally other than to tell her she is the one discriminating against and harming me with her out of control behavior, incessant inappropriate messages and texts, cursing and foul mouth. Thank you the reader for continuing to follow along with my daily detox inventory. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel the need or urge that my photographs may have hurt or harmed you and we can discuss it. Thank you.

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