Celebrating my 1 year Anniversary as nursing assistant

Enjoying today my yearly renewal and re hire requirements and obligations as nursing assistant. It has been such a pleasurable day as I have for over the last year have been employed with 3 nursing companies as personal support assistant and nursing assistant and still maintain and hold all 3 positions. It was a very hard climb to get to this point in my life. As this would have never been though possible by man’s nor Judges standards I am very esteemed and proud to say that “I have arrived.” I have spend the last year caring for the developmentally disabled, physically disabled, mentally challenged and the elderly. It has been a great experience and my private psychiatrist at Peachford, Director of Peachford has been most impressed and proud of me right along with myself.

As there was a point in my life where I could not get out of the bed, bathe nor read or write given the physical and emotion abuse I endured for years along with the parental alienation that I suffered by man’s hand in the beginning 10 years ago. Given great success in the courts including Rockdale and The Alcovy Judicial Circuit for the family violence victim, the mentally challenged and those parentally alienated due to being family violence victims and those parentally alienated due to having mental illness in their psyche. In the beginning prior to my picking myself up and deciding I would not let that stand as the final decision in the O.C.G.A. and gathered and collected myself and have had much success in the courts along with celebrating 4 years in my community of Covington Georgia as full time blogger at The Covington News and in attendance at many community gatherings along with the healthy and rewarding career I have held for over a year now with several companies along with remaining self sufficient and supporting myself and thriving daily.

I am still in study and essay exam application process for my Certified Peer Specialist Certification and hope to one day in my very near future be employed by The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and hopefully the ACT Team of GA or at The VA Hospital in Atlanta or perhaps at Grady in Atlanta as a CPS. I hope to further my career by obtaining my CPS Certification and working strictly with the mentally challenged as I have shared many times the requirements of the CPS is up to and including that one must have a diagnosis of a mental illness or addictive diseases and be in recovery and a strong advocate and of governance. I feel that I meet all the requirements of becoming a CPS and receive daily encouragement from my peers along with my mentors at View Point Health and New Rock in Covington, GA.

Today has been an especially beautiful day in my world as I also had an appointment with my private psychiatrist simply for a check up and he was most pleased with me and my progress and recovery. It just so happens that at the Gazebo that sits adjacent to my psychiatrists office and Peachford was an azalea (I believe) in full bloom today. It was so very pretty and vibrant and in full bloom. I had seen one on Floyd Street earlier in the week and wanted a few photos of it but upon arrival at Peachford today saw the flowering plant in full bloom so I photographed the one at Peachford holding wonderful memories, great achievements and many, many accomplishments since my first diagnosis of abuse and depression in August of 2004 along with Codependency as the caregiver to several. The plant only made my day that much sweeter. I wanted to share it with you today in all its glory as it is in full season this October of 2015 and I am in the prime of my life. So happy, fulfilled and rewarded by life, my career, my son and my heavenly Father and church family.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, friendship, uplifting, time, trust and justice in my life. I can breathe a large sigh of relief today in that I have met and achieved many sought out goals of mine and have now been progressing over the last year into my CPS Certification hopefully in my very near future. This would have never been thought possible by man nor Judges standards in August of 2004 but I have proven otherwise and set the bar and the standard for many just as I continue to follow in big foot steps of my mentors, friends and church family. A very satisfying day indeed and with a very rewarding and satisfying career in my present and in my future. For me this is just unimaginable so please understand how great an accomplishment and strength in recovery even in the face of adversity this has been for me. Facing much adversity to still flower myself.

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