Halloween with my daughter and grandson this year

Me and my daughter Brittany spent Halloween together with my grandson. I want to scream it from the rooftops, from the tops of the clouds and sky for the entire world to hear me! He is such the sweetheart. Brittany’s heart is larger than gold itself. Her words of care, concern, love and uplifting and gentleness are just unimaginable to me. She is the sweetest and so full of love and tenderness. I was able to have conversation with 2 other of my grandchildren as well. Hoping to get a photograph for my apartment of them really soon as well. I hated leaving Brittany and my grandson this afternoon. I was so happy to be able to spend Halloween with my daughter and to have the biggest smile on my daughter Amber’s face made my whole entire world brighten up. Her smile is contagious and very lucky if you happen to catch one as she is a very unique one of a kind individual. So happy to share in Halloween and the giving of candy and pumpkins to my daughter’s and all 7 of my grandchildren. God is good. Counting so many blessings today and singing so many of the Lord’s praises as he has heard my cries and my daughter even seems to understand exactly how I have been hurting and comprehends and cares about all my hurt and pain and has made my world so much brighter over the last couple of weeks. Such the glorious day indeed.

2015-10-31 12.21.41 2015-10-31 12.22.58 2015-10-31 12.25.03 2015-10-31 12.26.01 2015-10-31 12.26.11 2015-10-31 12.28.59 2015-10-31 12.32.53 2015-10-31 12.41.59 2015-10-31 12.54.09


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