Sasser v. Sasser The Alcovy Judicial Circuit

I visited the Walton County Courthouse today researching case law and Final Orders RE Sasser v. Sasser up to 44 pages worth of Case Law I researched and printed. All to mine and my daughter’s full behalf. I will be going through over 6 years worth of paperwork to our full favor and behalf for a blog supporting advocacy of family violence victims, those parentally alienated, the mentally challenged and parental reunification. Of note this has made Case Law in the O.C.G.A. and I am so overjoyed to say the least. I will not have to contend with the 2 year statute or change in circumstance debate as Halloween marks the two year anniversary of the last Final Order regarding my youngest daughter to our full favor and behalf as well. I plan on preparing my own Pro Se hearing and attempting to once again have Mr. Sasser held in Contempt as my daughter is now 16 years old and the courts Order nor Opinion nor Wishes have been followed nor carried out. My daughter has shared the most beautiful evening with me tonight and has shared with me after I left her and got home the sweetest, most heart felt and kind words that a daughter could ever share with their mother. Calling me her mother and her my daughter. I will share her words in due time along with my newest blog of the Case Law RE Sasser v. Sasser to our full favor as I walk the next pathway to a Pro Se Petition for Contempt once again. Within these 44 pages I have set out to protect family violence victims, those parentally alienated, the mentally challenged and reunification process of parent and child when estranged up to and including all four of my girls since end of 2007 to present date. Breaking these 44 pages apart and down to pieces as I begin the process of Pro Se Contempt action to be filed in the very near future as my youngest daughter has expressed wishes and desires to be a part of my life. My daughter has made my heart so complete today. I have not felt so complete and whole in over 10 years as I do tonight and will go to bed joyous and with a heavy yet happy heart. So glad to have her in my life and looking forward to hearing from my 16 year old in my very near future. Thank you all so kindly for all your support, understanding and uplifting through these last few years. Seeing my daughter and my grandson tomorrow. It will be a very joyous celebration for me. As I got to see 2 of my grandchildren this evening. Such the beauties they are to my heart. I never imagined I could love and feel again this much.


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