So can you say you like being “justified”, “vindicated”, “validated?” I sure can and boy does a large portion of it feel down right good. Guilty as charged then but not at someone else’s expense would I ever be glorified of this validation. I am very upset this weekend and with good reason that I am choosing at this time to keep to myself but knew the truth of the matter in my heart of hearts all along and as rightfully so have been justified, vindicated and validated thoroughly over the last couple of weeks. I just hate the fact and despise the circumstances that it has to all be at someone else’s expense and livlihood. As true as it is and as much as “What goes around comes around” does truly exist I must say the feeling of validity is empowering and awesome yet not when it is at the expense of someone you deeply and dearly love. It is down right sickening and heart breaking and gut wrenching. I will as the Codependent caregiver and enabler not feel nor be held responsible for this type of conduct and character ruining other’s lives and their livlihood and future’s. Which has already been pretty well ran into the ground by uncaring and non nurturing adults who are supposed to be of good character and integrity. My ass. I knew these facts existed long ago, long before being told the cold, hard and dark truth. I just hate that I had to find out and that I now live with the fear, worry and even more anxiousness over their safety and well being and future. Being “validated” is a great and wonderful and awesome feeling but not at another’s expense especially when you would have never imagined it could be and get so bad for that dear loved one you have ached for constantly and now you must help them pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward as best as they can even with Karma slapping grown adults slam into their faces. So deserving yet so harsh a reality that I truly hate to live with the facts of knowing. Asking for your gentle prayer of uplifting.


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