“The First Day of the Rest of My Life” Received my December 2015 Certified Peer Specialist Training Welcome Packet

“The First Day of the Rest of My Life” Received my December 2015 Certified Peer Specialist Training  Welcome Packet.

So pleased that today is “The First Day of the Rest of My Life! ” Receiving my CPS Training welcome packet! Ken and I had coffee and a glass of wine this evening to celebrate and had a wonderful fun and love filled evening unexpected yet very pleasant ringing in the holidays and welcoming the Season at The Mystic Grill in Downtown Covington, Georgia. Home to The Vampire Diaries.

I have had my sights on becoming a Certified Peer Specialist for 3 plus years now. Finally being accepted by my essay exam for the December Training to receive my Certification this 2015.

11 years into my Recovery Story and I vow and pledge to take an approach to advocacy this holiday season with The GA Mental Health Consumer Network by my side and the Mental Health Justice Community, including View Point Health as I prepare to enter the career world as a Certified Peer Specialist in the mental health community.

I have blogged of the requirements of becoming a CPS on many instances and will still be a strong advocate for CPS of the World and the GA Mental Health Consumer Network and View Point Health including family violence victims and the parentally alienated and the mentally and devopmentally disabled and challenged as I further my life and career vowing to honor my pledge to this State to support the mentally challenged in and outside the courtroom and at My Covington News blog celebrating my 4th year this month as well.

I have had the pleasure of designing a “Life that I Love! ”

Never dreaming that the Autumn and Thanksgiving Season and Holidays could ever be so beautiful for me in a reunification process with my daughter and being welcomed for the training to obtain my CPS Certification. I could not ask for a better or grander gift for my Christmas wish! My Christmas Wish has came to pass and I give the Glory to God, the Word that became Flesh.

Working on reading through my Certified Peer Specialist Project Training Welcome Packet this evening. Thank you all for all the continued support as a nursing assistant over the last year and for seeing this journey of my becoming a CPS through with me. There are so many that I could not have ever made it without and that is a blog of Thanksgiving that is forthcoming.

Having my Christmas wish granted and well on my way to working as a CPS in the mental therapy health field.

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