Believe. Love. Wish. Dream. A Traditional Christmas to celebrate.

Believe. Love. Wish. Dream. A Traditional Christmas to celebrate.

Loving Christmas always yet over the last 11 years it has been spent without my girls. Hopefully given reunification of me and my middle daughter I will be getting to spend the holidays with all my children at some point. Loving the “traditional Christmas” exploding in colors of Gold, Red and Green. I think I have found the perfect Nativity Scene for my apartment. I will hopefully be getting it today.

Ken’s mother bought me this wreath for my apartment door for Christmas and I added the Star glass ornaments of Believe, Love, Wish and Dream. Having my coffee in my Gingerbread, Gum Drop, Peppermint, Sugar Cookie (LOL) Mug everyday makes life a little brighter! So much love and many thank you’s to Ken’s mother for the Christmas wreath for us this year.

I have seen where Berry’s Tree Farm will open on November 20th. Hopefully getting a live Christmas tree this year to decorate with the smell of the holidays and pine filling my home.

Coming to the end of my 1st Step Study guide book with a celebration party this weekend at church at Eastridge. I feel so honored to be among the wonderful ladies that I get to share with each week and that I have truly handed over my re – commitment to the Lord. Being baptized in a re commitment ceremony at Celebrate Recovery by Pastor Brad Rutledge recently I have given over my life and time to the Lord by attending church services on Sunday mornings, Sunday morning growth group classes, Celebrate Recovery and my ladies Step Study group and will also be taking part in the next Stephen Ministry training classes pending that the classes do not clash with my Certified Peer Specialist training classes but I believe the Stephen Ministry classes will not exactly begin until after the first of the year. Prayerful to be able to be a part of this great blessing of also obtaining my Stephen Ministry training.

Having now worked through Stepping Out of Denial into God’s Grace I have worked on topics such as:

Denial, Powerless, Hope, Sanity, Turn and Action.

Having worked my Step Study guide over addiction and recovery some of my weaknesses in the past included:

It is all about me and what I want when it should be How can I be of help to others?  Lying, cheating and manipulating to get what I want. While all along it should be and has been during my recovery the willingness, honesty and open – mindedness allow me to get what I need. Thinking or feeling that I can go at this world alone. I can take care of myself. There’s something bigger than me. My Higher Power. Jesus Christ. To rationalize, justify and minimize when I am wrong. While working through my recovery I have been owning my part of admitting to my faults and trying to grow from them. Projecting a false image of myself. I am no better and no less than anyone else. As I will be celebrating my 4th year anniversary as full time blogger at The Covington News I have been most open, honest and naked about my daily life and my life in the community. Not hiding and denying my fears so as not to appear weak. But rather acknowledging my fears and limitations and asking for help. I have found this study to be most enlightening and enriching.

As the Mental Health Courts of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit often court order Celebrate Recovery and Step Study classes I will be able to share in my journey with my patients. Giving light and merit to all walks of life and all religions but teaching them to “Step out of Denial and into God’s Grace.” Along with my next 3 Study Guides as I complete this Step Study over the next several months. Celebrate Recovery and especially the Step Study guides are full of informative information on mental health and self – help recovery and I intend on joining in with The Mental Health Courts of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit in sharing of my walk in Celebrate Recovery with the aspects of mental health recovery and healing through the Step Study guide programs.


  1. What areas of your life do you have power (control) over? Be specific.
  2. What areas of your life are out of control, unmanageable? Be specific.
  3. How do you think taking this first step will help you?
  4. As a child, what coping skills did you use to get attention or protect yourself?
  5. In your family of origin,what was the “family secret” that everyone was trying to protect?
  6. How do you handle pain and disappointment?
  7. How can you begin to address your denial?
  8. In what areas of your life are you now beginning to face reality and break the effects of denial?
  9. Are you starting to develop a support team? Are you asking for phone numbers in your meetings?

The Step Study guide goes on to discuss Powerless, Hope, Sanity, Turn and taking Action as well. You may get your own Step Study guides by ordering the Celebrate Recovery Participant’s Guide packet of 4 study guides.

A recovery program based on 8 principles from the Beatitudes.

This holiday I hope you focus on believing, loving, wishing and dreaming along with me at this is my motto this Christmas as my grown up Christmas wish of becoming a Certified Peer Specialist has been granted. Join me in my next chapter of “The First Day of the Rest of My Life.”‘



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