Thank You, notes. Your Sister’s Closet.

One thank you note that I truly need to share is for Your Sister’s Closet on the Historic Square in Downtown Covington owned by Ms. Elizabeth of Floyd Street who has always welcomed me into her store and has always shown me true friendship, care and concern. Ms. Elizabeth of Your Sister’s Closet in Covington and Ms. Bernice of Your Sister’s Closet II in Downtown Monroe formerly owned by Ms. Elizabeth as well have always made it possible for me to have a great wardrobe. Sponsored this holiday season by Your Sister’s Closet for my upcoming conference and the ladies making certain that I look beautiful for each day has truly been a rare gift that can never be repaid nor replaced. You must get by Your Sister’s Closet and enjoy the store and Thank You ladies so much for all the love over the years you have given and shown to me and thank you especially this Holiday season for a beautiful winter wardrobe to carry me through my Certified Peer Specialist training conference. Get by today and pick out all your favorites! So much love and thank you ladies of Your Sister’s Closet!

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