The Alcovy Judicial Circuit, Walton County, Georgia USA

I have shared of my story time and time again and the damning and healing recovery process I have experienced being initially alienated from my 4 girls due to domestic family violence and being mentally diagnosed. I have also written of my much success in the court system of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit where it has come to my girls including Rockdale County as well in the past. I have had a reunification process with my middle eldest daughter and we have become very close once again and I have finally met my first born grandchild. My grandson. 1 grandchild of the 7 that I have. I have spent the last year working as nursing assistant to the elderly, the physically and mentally disabled and challenged and the developmentally disabled. It is now time to continue my advocacy but for The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network as a Certified Peer Specialist as I prepare to enter training over the next upcoming 2 weeks being a scholarship recipient to attend CPS training. I have blogged of the requirements of becoming a CPS and you may visit their website to join me over the next two weeks in my journey of newfound discovery into the mental health world and expand my horizons into my mental health recovery career.

These photos here were taken at The Walton County courthouse of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit where I have set the precedent for the O.C.G.A. whereas those parentally alienated and the mentally challenged have full rights to their children just as any other parent would and have experienced much success and a great reward over the last 10 years even still being parentally alienated and estranged by my ex husband and his family even given my girls lives have been pure hell and in ruins due to this family chasing me away and not contributing to their lives as I did as their primary caregiver. Their lives have been damned by man, their own family flesh and blood and the legal system that I am now discovering.

I will be attending Certified Peer Specialist training over the next 2 weeks on scholarship from The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and will be in great study and participation of all offered classes and programs.

Please stay tuned and join me on my journey into becoming a CPS for the State of Georgia and check into the O.C.G.A. and the law as it currently stands for domestic family violence victims and the mentally challenged.

I look forward to the next two weeks of my recovery process and story along with meeting great new mentors in my life and the obstacles, challenges and recovery will be just simply great I know.

The Alcovy Judicial Circuit, Walton County, Georgia USA



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