Georgia Certified Peer Specialist training 2015

I am so proud to say that I have finished up Day 1 of Certified Peer Specialist training through The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and have learned a lot already today that I find very interesting. I hope to bring all my learned information back to my community of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit and the Mental Health Courts, law enforcement, health care providers and citizens alike sharing in my journey that continues with my recovery story.

Speaker Mary Shuman CPS Assistant Director Office of Recovery Transformation Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.

A Role that can be employed for a variety of services.

Larry Frix was the 1st office whom created council. Georgia Consumer Council Larry Frix felt that those mentally challenged should be treated with dignity and respect. He was the Evangelist of Peer Support.

Georgia was the first state in the nation to receive Medicaid Rehab option. Georgia is the Pioneer in Peer Support. Peer Support comes from your learned experiences.

2007 Department of Justice filed lawsuit CRIPA

2009 Obama – Get well and be supported in your community State sued a 2nd time in 2010.

Mark Baker Director of Advocacy introduced The Respect Institute.

I brought The Respect Institute to Newton County and View Point Health form St. Simons Island conference. I am a Respect Institute graduate. You can talk about your recovery an stigma is overcome.

There are 6 Regions in the State of GA with field offices. Honoring individuals requests and having a benefits navigator to work with.

GA has Respite Centers (5) with a pro active interview process. You may stay 7 nights FREE.

There is also a Georgia Crisis and Access Line available 24 / 7 at

Georgia Crisis & Access Line
Call 1- 800-715-4225

There is also Forensic Peer Specialist Training to include Forensic Peer Specialists. There has been more funding for Supported Employment and is strengths based.

GPSI Ga Peer Support Institute that I am also a graduate of is a Baptism in Recovery. There is also a 24/7 warm line for Peer Support.

I will in the future be attending the Forensic Peer Specialist training along with Mental Health First Aid classes and will be attending Mental Health Day at the Capitol in Georgia on January 20th with my peers of View Point Health. There is also a whole health wellness peer support class which puts emphasis on what do you want for your life?

You are to begin to tell more of your recovery story as opposed to your illness story. It is not problem focused yet solution focused.

Working harder towards my recovery story instead of my illness story from this point forward in order to be a strong advocate that can relate to and support others in crisis.





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