From Central State Hospital to Certified Peer Specialist for GA a study into mental health

How does one go from this horrific life and death to this warm, safe, happy training for CPS all due to being mentally challenged?

My initial diagnosis of being mentally challenged was in August of 2004 following a long history of family violence and marital discord. In August of 2004 with a diagnosis of marital abuse and marital discord, codependency as the caregiver and depression among other diagnosis I entered into the mental health world at the age of 33. I was in the process of my divorce at the time and at the time of my separation and divorce “Due to my mental status” was not allowed to see my 4 girls per The Rockdale County Judicial system in the beginning before I began to advocate for all of us in Rockdale and The Alcovy Judicial Circuit and have since had much success in the court system and the O.C.G.A. for family violence victims, those parentally alienated and the mentally challenged.

I have had a private psychiatrist since August of 2004, the Director of Peachford and been a client of View Point Health since my release from Peachford in September of 2004.

I have since attended group and individual therapy through View Point Health and support group therapy. I have taken and taught classes on self help recovery and whole health wellness at New Rock through View Point Health and been a graduate of New Rock Day Program. I also introduced View Point Health to The Respect Institute after attending and graduating a conference in St. Simons Island and am also a graduate of The Respect Institute by and through Mr. Joel Slack. I have also taken GPSI GA Peer Support Institute through the GA Mental Health Consumer Network. I have been a client of the ACT Team and graduate their program as well as graduated Supportive Employment through View Point Health and have worked the last 15 months as a nursing assistant and personal care assistant to the physically ill, developmentally disabled and the mentally challenged and elderly in the health care world and have had a very rewarding career.

I am currently this December 2015 attending Certified Peer Specialist training through The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and will be taking my testing examination in the very near future and then working strictly as a CPS.

How does one go from this horrific life and death here to attending training to become a CPS for the State of Georgia?

I suppose the very same way I was alienated from my 4 girls in 2004 due to family violence and being mentally challenged even as a Codependent caregiver with marital abuse and martial discord and depression. Alienating me from my 4 girls forever damning the lives of 5 young ladies still to this very day my girls suffer even by the hands of their own flesh and blood.

I have shared over the years my illness story and will be working towards a higher round of telling my recovery story and being advocate to those in crisis and with high hopes of expanding the CPS Project training.

I attend Eastridge Community Church in Covington, GA and am a part of Celebrate Recovery, Sunday Growth Group classes with Honorable Ozburn of The Mental Health Courts of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit, a Step Study program. A recovery program based on eight principles from the Beatitudes. I am now entering into my Moral Inventory and will be working my initial Moral Inventory on my diagnosis of mental illness and my journey of recovery in a horrific system over the last ten years where I consider myself luck to have came out with my life and sanity.

I owe a great consideration and gratitude to many mentors that I will grow to thank them all in my recovery story.

Grieving tonight for those who have been a part of the past of Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, GA and being cast aside as a piece of trash. Now with a bronze Angel guarding over all of them. In further study of this Insane Asylum and my recovery story as opposed to my illness story that I have shared of many times to present date.

Thank you for continuing with me along this journey of self – recovery and path to justice in the O.C.G.A.



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