Advocacy of The Recovery Movement

Advocacy of The Recovery Movement

Good Evening. I have never truly been open about several things pertaining to my mental challenges namely a subject that I spoke about at Certified Peer Specialist training being that I was held down on several instances and shot up with injections and strapped down and automatically knocked out from the medicine. According it is because I so longed to be in control of my life and had the ignite of the flame inside my heart and spirit and mind and asserting my right’s were disrespected and violated. I have never really shared of the specifics pertaining to this in the 5 years of my blogging at WordPress and 4 years at The Covington News.

I have also never truly spoken about a time in my life when I had nothing except the clothes on my back and a cot. I was not allowed to read or write. I could hardly even sleep, eat or breathe and was knocked around, kicked down and roughed up several times during this phase of my life. Since this experience I have had all the requirements and the sentence terminated from my record per Honorable Samuel Ozburn but lived through a 1 year period of incarceration and 90 days on the Forensic Unit at a psychiatric hospital. Georgia Regional becoming competent because I was bound and determined to be found and deemed competent because I had family law to consider where my girls were concerned.

In the past 15 years the State of Georgia has suffered a great number or incidents pertaining to injury and death in psychiatric institutions. I have been a part of this system also at times in the private sector with my private psychiatrist when I had the insurance which allowed me to be seen and treated by him. I will be sharing more on the statistics of the State of Georgia and the psychiatric system and “The Recovery Movement” over the next few days. I have lived through and survived the most dangerous times, events and places anyone could have ever asked to be involved with over the last 10 years.

I have been holding all these specific details inside until my memoir is one day published. I have shared it all with therapists, doctors, attorney’s and Judges just not particularly online on social media. I began 15 months ago working as a nursing assistant and have been in study for some time now and now currently in training for my Certified Peer Specialist Certification through The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and plan to work in the mental health field upon graduation and completion of the exam.

There is a matter pertaining to my incarceration period that I am very partial to and share a great respect and admiration and high concern over the other party even though given we have never had the pleasure of meeting one another. We have never spoken in person, held a conversation nor ever been alone in a room together. There were only a handful of alleged telephone calls on my behalf that resulted in incarceration and a fight to have the requirements and sentence terminated. I have shared of this issue briefly online but I have shared it with The Covington News Editor (Gabe) previously. He has the paperwork also I have written of it in my blog along with law enforcement, attorney’s, therapists, Judge’s and at my Covington News community blog. Given the issue is of a very fragile nature I choose out of respect not to particularly push the issue to advocate for myself online whereas it is concerned giving the fragile issue the true respect and devotion and ethics it so greatly deserves. I have been very open and honest about the situation however in life.

I plan to share more specifics of my journey and my walk in my memoir that will be written in the very near future once I finish my Certified Peer Specialist testing and exam I plan to write for Kindle/Amazon and to sell my memoir for a very minimal full of meaning price to include my recovery story and that being said a Respect Institute of Georgia graduate.

Currently trying to determine and decide if I will file contempt charges against my ex husband ONCE AGAIN. My daughter however is nearly 17 years old now at this point. I am at  a serious crossroads as the following has been my life and advocacy for family violence victims and the mentally challenged.

April Sasser vs. Charles Sasser

Rockdale County Circuit

The Alcovy Judicial Circuit

Sasser v. Sasser The Alcovy Judicial Circuit Walton County Court Georgia

Welcome November 2015.

These beauties are always in full bloom in October and November just for me! I love visiting Mitcham Farm and the wildflower fields. My life being in full bloom at the moment as well. It has been a wonderful Halloween and welcoming of the thanksgiving and holiday season this year. Prayerful that it continues to hold my children and grandchildren in my life as we attempt to regain our once open, full, and loving bond we once shared.

How many Judges could it possibly take to enlighten you that you need evaluation and family therapy? That it is the Court’s Order, Opinion and Wishes for continued family therapy and not to interfere, hinder nor restrict visitation with the other parties children? How many Judges in how many years does it take for it to sink in? And to sink in that it is in the best interest of the children to maintain a full, open and loving bond with their children? Yet, all out of hate and spite and vengeance out of hatred all one continues to do is alienate and estrange instead of following the wise and timeless Order, Opinions and Wishes of the Courts and Judges who have been very involved and very just.

Justice since 1994 to present date 2015.

Why in the world when there has never been not one single hint, question, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrongdoing on the behalf of the mother as a mother and as a wife would you continue to thwart the efforts of the Courts and the mother’s strong passionate desire and willingness to be a part of her children’s lives? In and outside the courtroom for 20 plus years.

Is one’s ego so large? Does one have the narcissistic perception that they are in charge even at the expense of their children and grandchildren’s health, safety, comfort,  lives and livelihood? Evidently according to recent crisis in my children’s and grandchildren’s lives that they have had to endure.

These are merely highlights from the “public” “open records” per Sasser v. Sasser and I have the full records and would be happy at any point and given time to debate Mr. Sasser per his injustice towards my children and grandchildren robbing them of their young lives.

1999 Step – Parent Adoption Honorable Sidney Nation Rockdale County, Georgia

Independent Adoption Report – State of Georgia

I. Verification of allegations contained in the petition

II. Circumstances under which the minor children came to be placed for adoption

III. Whether the proposed adoptive parent is financially, phsically and mentally able to have the permanent custody of the minor child

IV. The physical and mental condition of the minor children to be adopted

V. Whether or not the adoption is in the best interest of the minor children

VI. Suitability of the home to the minor children

VII. Other information – References

Four references were obtained on myself, Leslie Syles, school counselor, Julie Manders, school counselor, Mark Zielenske, family friend, Charles and Dot Sasser. All of the references support the adoption of the minor children by the petitioner, April Christina Fuller Sasser

Sasser v. Sasser

Consent Temporary Order

Prepared Proposed Opinion of Honorable Nancy Bills, Attorney for Mr. Sasser

The parties will maintain joint legal custody of their minor children with the Plaintiff being the primary physical custodian of the parties three oldest children and the Defendant being the primary physical custodian of the parties youngest child. Defendant’s visitation with the parties oldest children shall be at such time she and the children can mutually agree. The Plaintiff shall not act in anyway to restrict or hinder the Defendant’s visitation with the children.

May 27th 2004

Honorable Nancy Bills

Sasser v. Sasser The Alcovy Judicial Circuit Walton County Court Georgia

09-1226-3 In the Superior Court of Walton County Georgia

April C. Sasser


Charles R. Sasser

Complaint for Modification of Visitation, Application for Finding of Contempt and Motion for Sanctions

Paragraph 4

a. Defendant filed for divorce from Plaintiff in February of 2004

b. Plaintiff suffered a mental breakdown due to major depression caused by marital discord and marital abuse during August of 2004 and lost her visitation rights with the aforementioned child.

c. The minor child’s father and Plaintiff’s husband at that time, Charles R. Sasser was granted divorce from Plaintiff, April C. Sasser on November 2, 2005. Said divorce in which April C. Sasser the Defendant, included a paragraph for visitation which states in pertinent part :

“Based upon Defendant’s mental condition at this point, the Court is not  making an award of visitation to Defendant at this time. The issue of visitation is specifically reserved by this Court for later determination as such time either party petitions this Court for a ruling on said issue.”

d. In reliance upon the attempted reservation of jurisdiction by the Court, Plaintiff filed a pro se petition entitled April C. Sasser v. Charles R. Sasser Superior Court of Rockdale County 07-CV-1357-N, which, by Interim Order dated March 21, 2008, ordered Charles R. Sasser to undergo professional evaluation counseling regarding Plaintiff’s request for visitation with the minor child.

Case No : 147-09J-0940

The Court finds that it is in the best interest of the subject minor child, Charli Savannah Sasser that an immediate schedule of supervised visitation be instituted with the goal of establishing a full and open relationship between Plaintiff and her minor child.

Honorable J. Stanley Rhymer, July 14th, 2010

Transfer Order to Superior Court of Walton County July 14th, 2010 Honorable J. Stanley Rhymer

Interim Order

The parties and their attorney’s shall each immediately contact Dr. Of for the purpose of scheduling and facilitating the visitation previously ordered by the Court.

August 5th, 2011 Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn


On July 14, 2010 a Modification Order was entered by this Court in which the Court ordered that supervised visitation by the child with the Plaintiff be instituted and supervised by Dr. Of “With the goal of establishing a full and open relationship between the Plaintiff and her minor child.”

In this contempt proceeding, the Plaintiff contends that the Defendant has willfully failed and refused to cooperate in scheduling or allowing supervised visitation and is in Contempt of this Court.

Upon receipt of this information, the Court shall enter an Order appointing such a facilitator and establish a time line for the development of a final plan for the commencement of the described visitation for the benefit of the Plaintiff, and The issue of attorney’s fees is reserved.

January 5, 2012 Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn


She, Dr. further recommended that the child be given the option to contact the Plaintiff in the future and that she, could serve as an intermediary to receive and hold letters, e- mails. or other written communication directed to the child from Plaintiff to be given to the child in the future if requested by the child.

The Court finds that Defendant to be in contempt of the final modification order entered in civil action caser number 2009-1226-3 due to his failure to cooperate reasonable with Dr. and Dr. in their efforts to meet with the child to arrange contact between the Plaintiff and the child as directed by this Court. This conduct obstructed their efforts to comply with the orders of this Court.

The minor child shall be informed of this arrangement to enable her to communicate with the Plaintiff if she so chooses.

A Post Office Box shall be opened by the Defendant and made available for the Plaintiff to send correspondence to the minor child.

The Court recognizes the plaintiff’s strong desire to have a full and open relationship between herself and the minor child and the defendant’s desire to protect the child. However, the Court enters this Order to protect the child’s best interests and to hopefully enable the Plaintiff and the child to have contact in the future. The Court encourages the parties to attend some form of family therapy.

October 31, 2013 Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn Alcovy Judicial Circuit

(44) pages worth of Case Law and no mention in 20 plus years of any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife to Mr. Sasser

20 plus years of advocacy, care and concern. Sweat, blood and tears have went into play for 5 children and 7 grandchildren to present date 2015.

The flower that blooms in the face of Adversity is the most beautiful of all.

Setting out and attempting to advocate for family violence victims, those parentally alienated, the mentally challenged and parental reunification process over the last 10 plus years in efforts of recognizing the importance of Case Law and changing and making Case Law precedent for all the above aforementioned.

Finally this Halloween I have been able to spend it with my middle daughter Brittany and meet my grandson along with meet 2 of my other grandchildren in efforts of reestablishing the full and loving relationships that once existed as set out and put forth by the Courts even.

All the above mentioned Court hearings and records are of (public record) and can be viewed at anytime by anyone interested in the entire Courts proceedings.

As it has been 2 years since the Courts last Final Order it is now upon me to once again file for Contempt action against Mr. Sasser in efforts to once again find him in Contempt of the Courts Order, Opinion and Wishes and with all his efforts to thwart the relationships of myself with my girls.

Working towards reestablishing a relationship with me and my girls and finding that just as the wildflower blooms in the heart of October and Autumn so does the bond and love between mother and daughter along with the most beautiful flower of all in times of Adversity.

Sharing with my daughter how I have spent the last year with my degree in Paralegal working in the healthcare world as a nursing assistant to the developmentally disabled, the physically disabled, the mentally challenged and the elderly spending the last year advocating for the mentally ill by making application to receive my Certified Peer Specialist Certification through The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network here in Georgia to work even closer with the mentally challenged as nursing assistant and CPS.

My daughter’s words of wisdom, love, care and concern have been astounding and so uplifting. She has really raised my spirits even during a time of crisis in her own life. Having a heart of gold as we long to form our full, open and loving bond once again with one another.

Continuing to blog of this next Chapter of my life as my youngest is now Sweet 16 and I am most concerned over her well being and the Courts past and present Order, Opinion and Wishes that have never been followed per Mr. Sasser.


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