The 5 Stockings hand picked and filled with Hope,…..

The 5 Stockings hand picked and filled with Hope,…..

This holiday season I have gotten once again all 5 of my children Christmas gifts. Not knowing if I will see my girls at all knowing full well that me and my son Tyler may have to go another year without full reunification process of these 5 siblings. As I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my middle daughter and first born grandson my heart was overjoyed with much love and happiness. I hope to be able to share their gifts with them this holiday from me and their brother.

These 5 stockings for my 5 children at the moment are filled with Hope. A hope for a brighter future, a Hope of a life filled with peace, happiness and love. A hope for all their goals, dreams and wish to come true. For the moment the stockings are only filled with Hope. A hope that surpasses all distance and miles apart. The 5 hand crafted stockings will be hung with care on Christmas Eve and will be held near and dear to my heart until all 5 of my children have personally received their stockings full of Hope. A Hope that I can fill the void that has been missing in their lives for the last 10 plus years and if not me a guardian angel to watch over and care for each of them as they trod through this life recovering from their childhood as damned by the hand of man.

Tyler and I wish all the best for the girls and our hearts are also full of Hope for a mutual meeting of the minds and hearts of all of us this holiday.

The 5 empty stockings are nothing but full of Hope, love and devotion for all 5 of my children as I Hope to fill them with tiny treasures that their hearts have longed for so many years now for them to be able to have the stockings even further well into their adulthood to carry them through reminding them of my life and devotion for them in the courtroom and in life.

Taking a glance and reminiscing our last year spent as a family and 5 siblings with me as a leasing consultant and contract paralegal and turn – key manager to an apartment community I build and leased from the ground up as my children were able to spend so much time with me at work and at The Georgia Force games on the weekends with me celebrating their birthdays and cheering on field with the cheerleaders as we were so unsuspecting that would be our last memories made together. I hope that they at least cling to these memories and how beautiful that last holiday season together truly was and just how much I devoted my life and love and full heart to my college education, career and to my children giving them a wonderful family filled and love filled holiday with The GA Force and my fellow employees who I have adored since all those many years ago. Hoping to fill these stockings with little memories of their childhood perhaps in photos of a few that I have when they were young of just how clean, happy and beautiful they truly once were until the hardship of life set in on such young impressionable children that should have never been asked to take on this world at such a young age without their mother.

So as I prepare to hang the stockings with care I ask for your special prayer.



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