Verily, verily I say unto you, …..

This weekend as I celebrate my graduation from Certified Peer Specialist training through the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities I am reminded of a time when I had no pen, no paper, no books, no journals, no daily devotional material, no Bible to my name as it was all taken to me for many months as I sat on lock down because I was being punished for poor hygiene due to decompensating while incarcerated. Even given now the requirements, probation and sentence have all been terminated per Honorable Ozburn I cannot help but be ever so grateful to the fact that for the last 4 years I have had a voice at The Covington News and have been able to share in my recovery journey. I am ever so grateful for each pen, pad of paper, stationery, daily devotional, books and the many Bibles I have collected up over the years as I have collected them since being released from jail and been very concerned over collecting as many as I possible could and keeping them close to my heart on my book shelf. I now have my Celebrate  Recovery materials, my participants guides, outlines and my Celebrate Recovery Bible. There was an incident where someone had brought me a Bible while incarcerated over ten years ago and it was the first paper, book and Bible I had seen in months. I became so emotional that I ripped it to shreds in complete and non stop tears as I sat in my cell all alone tearing the Bible up asking God why me? Needless to say I suffered another lockdown for tearing the Bible up and had to spend even more time in solitary confinement all alone in grief.

The good Lord has since provided me with pen, pencil, paper, books, daily devotionals, and Bibles galore that I have collected as I have asked for forgiveness on several instances for tearing up his Word and to please give me back a pen, paper and books. He has provided all that I have asked for and then some. Especially by giving me a voice at The Covington News that for the last 4 years of my life to be documented no one can ever take it away. It is there for history’s making and there it will stay.

So for tonight I am ever so grateful for my love of penning and for God’s promises to make me whole again even in the presence of the absence of my girls. Making way for the 5 stockings for my 5 children Destiny, Brittany, Amber, Tyler and Charli Savannah that I am so proud of this year and in high hopes that some day I will be able to share these stockings with all 5 of my children together as one.


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