Having survived the Foster Care system, Corrections and being institutionalized I have certainly had some very good mentors, friends and the Lord by my side especially my son, Tyler through the years.

I have not sought revenge nor held onto bitterness. I decided a long time ago to change the laws of this State and to bring hope, faith and strength to those re entering the world after being incarcerated, family violence victims, the parentally alienated and the mentally challenged giving way for all to have a voice in the system and to overcome any obstacle that may stand in their way. As well insuring that these individuals have just as much right to their children as the other parent does. Success in the courts has been a true fairy tale dream come true for me as The Alcovy Judicial Circuit has been in mine and my daughter’s favor each and every time we have appeared in open court and up to and including the Rockdale Circuit who as well court ordered therapy for my daughter and Mr. Sasser and as well stated to Mr. Sasser and his family and my girls in open court that I could see the older girls at any point and any given time we so desired. I have had much success since Honorable Nancy Bills prepared proposed Opinion being Mr. Sasser’s attorney that I would have custody of our youngest daughter and for Mr. Sasser not to interfere in my relationship with the three older girls.

Mr. Sasser and his family have gone against court Opinions, wishes and Orders to this very day present 2015 doing all they can to thwart the relationship between me and my 4 girls that I have been advocating for since 1994 to present date. Even against the Courts better judgment. I have posted time and time again these court documents at Word Press and they are all of public record in Walton County, GA of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit as the Honorable Stanley Rhymer of Juvenile Court his Order of award of fully favorable is attached to Honorable Ozburns fully favorable awards as well.

I have had the opportunity this season to discover and be made known a lot pertaining to my girls over the last several years and they have truly hurt and suffered. No one has stepped up and been the Mother nor the parent and primary care giver that I was to them for over 10 years now. It has been made clear to me and brought to my attention by one of my very own daughter’s own words straight from the heart.

My  4 girls are all 16 and older and know better at this point. They  know that I was a good mother and so does Mr. Sasser and his family as there has never been any wrongdoing ever to be mentioned on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife through the years to present date. My girls remember a life of stability and care and they know better than to disrespect me the way they have at this point. All of them.

I met with my Step Study Sponsor today and she affirmed for me that I cannot control their behavior. They are old enough to respect their mother at this point even given according to my private law attorney have been very much so brainwashed into believing otherwise about me out of pure hatred from Mr. Sasser and his family even given there has never been complaint one about me in court nor anywhere else for that matter that exists. My girls lives have been shot to hell. This is their story to tell but after meeting with one of my daughter’s it breaks my heart that they had so much special attention from me for over 10 years for even their very own family to outcast them and not provide the necessary parental guidelines and upbringing as I did. These girls know better and through my Step Study program at Eastridge I hope to get rid  of some of this baggage that I hold onto year after year killing and torturing myself even further. My sponsor reminding me of the special bond I have shared with my son Tyler through the years and to focus on him and our relationship as he has given much of his time and efforts to be a wonderful son and have a very loving and close bond with me.

I did not seek revenge. I instead changed and updated the laws of this State of GA and also in return graduated from many programs and classes to include the New Rock Day Program, The ACT Team, The GA Peer Support Institute, Supported Employment and now onto graduating Certified Peer Specialist training where I will sit for my exam in January and become a Certified Peer Counselor for the State of Georgia through The GA Mental Health Consumer Network and the GA Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities helping many others in their recovery of being mentally challenged.

I do not think that the Sasser’s understand that the many years of abuse that I endured is what landed me institutionalized and has wreaked havoc on my life and livlihood. Mr. Sasser even given the many medical records and court records would never admit it to himself nor my children as in his parent’s eyes he can do no wrong and never has especially according to his father but my girls have been neglected and left behind to suffer due to the damning hands of this State in August of 2004.

I have got to move past torturing myself day in and day out missing my girls and my youngest as she is old enough now to know better as has been confirmed for me by my middle daughter.

In a time with injuries, deaths and lawsuits in the system of mental health in the State of Georgia I am lucky to have walked away with my life. Georgia has had some serious issues at hand pertaining to mental health for the last 15 years now and given Central State Hospital was the largest mental institution in the world at one point and people ended up spending a life time as patients and calling it home. There is a Recovery Movement at hand and I will be focusing on this recovery movement. I have advocated for ten plus years now for my girls and my daughter has confirmed for me my worst nightmares about their lives but they are at an age that they know better and I have taken the positive strides necessary in recovery spending the last 15 months working as a nursing assistant in the health care field and now on my way into working in the mental health field.

Being a survivor of Foster Care, Corrections and Psychiatric Institutions has been a long road of recovery for me and I am ever so grateful for the many wonderful mentors and friends that never gave up on me and for my church family at Eastridge who has prayed a powerful prayer over the last year of my life to include my attending Sunday morning worship service, Sunday morning growth group class with Honorable Ozburn as lecturer, Celebrate Recovery and now a Step Study program that I will complete next Spring and then into Stephen Ministry next August with Eastridge as has been planned out with the Stephen Ministry leader of Eastridge.

I love my girls deeply. All of them as if they were all my very own but they know better and they also know the difference in the life they had with me and the one after me and the horrific divorce that me and Mr. Sasser went through with all his rage and hate directed towards alienating me from my girls.

I hope to soon be well on my way as well with Kindle Direct Publishing as far as my memoir goes and sharing in specific outlined detail of my life’s events and even more personal information that has ever been shared even by me. This holiday has been an extra special one as I have met my oldest grandson and shared this holiday season up to this point with my daughter and her two sons. I hope and pray that our relationship continues but at this point I have to learn to somehow let it go and focus on the Recovery Movement in mental health and Whole Health Action Management.

Next year my baby turns 17 and she is at a point where she knows better. Under the strict thumb of my ex husband and his soon to be ex wife she has been told God only knows what lies and exaggerations. I am in fervent prayer for her and my girls that they make better decisions and that their lives become easier and more manageable for them given there has been no parental care for them. My worries over them have been affirmed and I justified.



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