“They know better.”

At 16 I had a mother, an aunt and uncle with custody of me and 2 fathers to consider. My biological mother divorced my natural father when I was just a baby and re married my adoptive father when I was very young. But by the time I had reached 16 I considered each and every one of them as an adult figure and parental figure of my life to spite my hardship due to all of them at the time and the blessings brought about by moving in with my aunt and uncle as Honorable Samuel Ozburn presided as my family law attorney at the time. I knew better than to disrespect my parental figures. Any of them for that matter and I loved each and every one them with my whole heart just as I do today to spite hardship, neglect, remiss, emotional abandonment and so on and so on. I cherished all of them no matter what just as I have through all my years of life to present day.

My girls know better. They are all 16 and older and according to great at length conversation with my middle daughter they had an excellent childhood and I was an excellent mother to all of them. I am so upset with all my girls this holiday as they treat me like an outcast and use me to their advantage when they need something and even go so far as to hurt my son, their brother, Tyler.

I have been an advocate for these girls since 1994 to present and am so over fussing over them when they know better by this age. I love them deeply and dearly but have suffered enough anguish and pain in my life advocating for them to be so disrespected and used when they all know better as my middle daughter has at great lengths confirmed, affirmed and justified me as a mother.

Speaking with my Sponsor of my Step Study program through Eastridge Community Church today has really awoken me to my codependent behavior towards my girls and that I really and truly need to move forward and get on with my life living it to the fullest with my son Tyler who has always been a dear friend of mine and strong loving bond in my life.

I need to continue to advocate for family violence victims and the mentally challenged as I now enter into my season of study for my exam as a Certified Peer Specialist as I have graduated all training classes necessary to sit for the exam but I am so over and so tired of stressing and worrying and killing my head and my heart over 4 girls who “know better!”

Their lives have not been any sort of cake walk that is for certain. I hope that my ex husband and his family are satisfied with the way everything with their lives has turned out. They made this bed. They can lie in it.

All the many broken pieces I had put back together over ten years long all gone down the drain. The cycle of abuse continues with my girls and their children, my grandchildren. All due to Mr. Sasser’s total neglect and remiss of every judge he has ever encountered through the years. Neglecting their every Opinion, Wish and direct Order.All out of pure spite and hate using my past as a child in foster care and in the system of the State of Georgia and hurting me because he knew that was the largest way to hurt me was through my children. Even though the courts have always seen different and otherwise through the years and we, me and my girls have been fully favorable.

Working with my Sponsor (codependent caregiver, no alcohol or drug nor addictive diseases in my psyche) through my Step Study program on letting go of holding on so tightly to the deep love and devotion I have for these 4 girls and have shown in and outside the courtroom. Me and including my son. “They know better.” And, I am fed up. A mother’s love squandered by the hands of man and young ladies that need to grow up once and for all.



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