Embassy Suites Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park Festival of Trees 2015

Embassy Suites Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park Festival of Trees 2015.

So Ken and I were up most the night enjoying our meal, the lit fire hanging on the wall and candles and in great anticipation of seeing all the beautiful Christmas trees at Embassy Suites Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park Festival of Trees 2015.

I was so happy to see a Military family tree. Ken loved it and it had featured some pretty amazing pictures if you can imagine all the black & white photos of Military men and women through the years.

I was taken back especially by The Covenant House of Georgia Christmas tree for the homeless youth of Georgia. Such sad horrid stories of how our state’s youth have spent hundreds of nights homeless on the streets of Atlanta and here in Georgia. I donated to this cause. This was my Christmas tree pick of the day. It was not much but hopefully it will go towards the greater good and help a youth in trouble facing homelessness.

There was also featured a Georgia Ballet Christmas tree that was so pristine and elegant. I picked up a ballet shoe from the ground and placed it back on the Christmas tree as it had fallen off. I was so shocked and surprised at the Cure for Cancer Christmas tree. So so many victims and their families who have suffered and endure living with Cancer. I was in awe at all the names and families. Such strength during such adversity.

Poinsettias were carefully placed throughout the Atrium and so very pretty and pleasing to the eye and heart. They brought so much warmth to the Christmas Tree showcase.

It was so early and quiet and we were all alone together in the midst of Christmas.

A special thank you to Embassy Suites Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park for our valet parking courtesy of the hotel and allowing us to roam about the atrium in wonder and stillness of such beauty.

The Embassy Suites Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park Festival of Trees 2015 runs through January 1st and if you love Christmas like I do you will certainly be in for a treat. I have not been to a Christmas Festival of Trees since my children were little and I never got to take my youngest daughter to the Festival before being separated and alienated from her life. My other 4 children all had the wondrous experience of The Festival of Trees.

We stopped by Little 5 Points on our way back to Covington and all was still and quiet there as well as it was still so early. The Coyote Trading Company was closed unfortunately but I did see the building once again.

The Coyote Trading Company has held a great significance in my life as it was the first Native American shop I had ever been to taken there by my ex husband in my early 20’s prior to our marrying. My Hopi Indian wedding bands came from The Coyote Trading Company as well. I had two Hopi bands that surrounded my engagement ring and Chuck had the steps to enlightenment matching band. I have been to The Coyote Trading Post on several instances since my divorce but had vowed to never return again. Had they been open I would have gladly stepped in and greeted it with open warmth and love. I have bought other special gifts for my son and friends there as well through the years.

Given now I have sat for my training for Certified Peer Specialist and will sit for exam in January it was time to adventure to The Coyote Trading Company again. I shall return again when they are open for a new memento marking my graduating CPS training for the State of Georgia. As my life came full circle once again today I felt the rush of pain and joy as I know I am now entering into the next phase of my life as a CPS. The last 15 months as a nursing assistant have been spent wonderfully with much success and now I cannot hardly wait to get started working as a Certified Peer Specialist somewhere in the State. Given I also have my Business/Legal Admin degree and Paralegal certification I do somewhat have my heart set on perhaps the Mental Health Courts of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit. If not, then a hospital treating those in crisis aiding in their recovery. There is so much responsibility and knowledge that must come with being a CPS. Please take a moment and educate and enlighten yourself on The Respect Institute of Georgia and The Certified Peer Specialist Project of Georgia. You would gain a greater understanding into my mind and heart and the purpose, plan and will of my life as the Lord our God has seen to it as I have prayed fervently time and time again to obtain this certification through the State of Georgia for myself, my children and grandchildren along with family violence victims, survivors of corrections and the mentally challenged. I am currently in Step Study training through Eastridge Community Church and once I finish up my Step Study I will be in training in August for Stephen Ministry. Which I am also very excited about being able to help the grieving during loss and crisis.

At my facebook page I have came upon Rustic Flair on Floyd who has the most beautiful dream catcher’s ever seen. I love and cherish the Native American and it was a symbol of life and our love while I was married at such a young and impressionable age. I left it behind for many years. Just recently finding my way back to what I also loved and held near and dear to my heart. As my fireplace screen sat in the home of Mr. Sasser and his family I was so hurt and anguished that he had kept it from me as well as surprised that he held onto it given all my personal belongings and property from my entire life were just tossed away by him and his family never to be seen again. My entire life gone.

Coming to the conclusion that life has came full circle for me today and that less of me is actually more of, “me.” Which will be a goal of mine in 2016. I love to write and blog and share photography but will be more focused on studying for my exam and career ahead of me in the days to come. I have had such a wonderful online social family life that unplugging is often an anxiety trigger for me and I feel the great need and desire to write and blog of my life’s events and details. Also letting a someone special in that never had the opportunity nor pleasure of meeting me hoping that one day we can get that opportunity and chance of a lifetime and become acquaintances hopefully by the grace of God. Showing them just how fragile, delicate and respected their life is to me by rolling out the red carpet of my life for them to have and hold if that be necessary. A subject that will further addressed if I ever have my published memoir perhaps at Kindle Direct Publishing once I have completed my CPS exam in January.

Wishing my children a very special holiday season as my son Tyler has made this entire holiday season extra special for me in so many ways since Thanksgiving and my daughter Brittany and I have walked a journey together of 1,000 miles recently that I would not trade for the world. And Ken being such a wonderful care giver and close friend to me during this holiday season and such the chef and the Joy that comes from within knowing that I am well on my way to becoming a CPS floors me. Even me. I told my son I have always had a strong prayer life and have never had a prayer to go unanswered in my entire life. I pray that the Lord our God will continue to reveal his will, purpose and plan for my life in the coming year and I will be able to help other survivors in their stages of Recovery.

Thank you all for being such the supportive followers and reader’s of my blog entries. As I have stated before there was a time when I had no way to read, write, journal nor pen. I was so grief stricken and pacing the floors for days and days on end. Now I am surrounded by biblical material from Celebrate Recovery, my CR Bible, my participant’s guides, my journals, my inventory worksheets, mentors, friends and my sponsor along with plenty of resources, hand outs and even a manual into CPS training with great resources and wisdom into the mental health world and career. My cup runneth over when I had to ask God why must I bear this cup of loss once upon a time long ago.

My youngest daughter is now on social media so the rules of my heart have changed somewhat and the risks I am willing to take. I cannot back down from advocacy but I have to find a greater balance for my own health and sanity and so that I may continue to help others and my peers in my community. Having such big shoes to fill praying that I am able to rise to the occasion. Join me in the upcoming months ahead documenting the life of becoming a CPS and the journey within that follows.

Be blessed and have yourself a “Mary” little Christmas. May your hearts be light. From my home to you. Hoping you have truly been able to capture and experience the true meaning and spirit of Christmas just as an innocent child awakening on Christmas morn.

Many blessings family.


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