I am so pleased to be back home in Downtown Covington, GA at my own home. I have so much work still yet to finish. I have the second half of my Study Guide for my Certified Peer Specialist certification to study for. I have my Step Study class at Eastridge to continue to work on completing Lesson 10 on Moral Inventory to include doing my “Moral Inventory” which will take hours to complete with a lot of devotion and dedication to study with the Lord. I was able to snap this photograph at Sconyers BBQ in Augusta tonight traveling from South Carolina to enjoy the BBQ and hash for the very first time. Hating that I did not get the shot I wanted with Ken and his mother before we left, only 3 empty chairs. Yet now feeling this was not meant to be a photo shared among us. Which is exactly how I have been left to feel tonight, “empty.” Very heavy – hearted, anxious and left uneasy but glad to be home collecting myself and back to my studies for CPS and my Step Study class. As I go to the Lord in prayer this morning I seek him out and to search my heart and pray about my current circumstances with a zealous and fervent heart. The 3 empty chairs were beautiful when I first laid my eyes upon them, now not so much. What a let down.



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