Covington Newton County Chamber of Commerce Blog Manic Monday: The Haunted Brothels of Covington

Perhaps it was after your evening event at Mystic Grill when the Covington Square was quiet and the streetlamps exposed the shadows. Maybe it was in the first hours of morning after your run along the perimeter of the Square, surrounded by the low ground fog as you stretched tired muscles. Quite possibly, it was the middle of the day as you traipsed the sidewalk toward the visitor’s center along Clark Street. How vividly you recall it. The sparkling sounds of children laughing and playing. Though faint, the sound was undeniable. You turn hastily, expecting to see a group of youngsters, only to find not even one child in sight.

It is rumored that during Newtonsborough’s wild beginnings, brothels were located on the city block now occupied by more modern and modest businesses. It goes without saying that where there were houses of ill repute, illegitimate children were commonplace. If you listen closely enough, you may also hear the madams scolding the young ones and telling them to, “Keep quiet.”

Walking along the street between On Location Gifts and Ramsey’s Furniture, a façade of the old Fire House stands in proud memory. Yet it is also along this walkway that many clairvoyants describe a gentleman with red hair gazing out of the second floor windows to the street below, while a young woman with flaxen hair, clothed in a tattered night dress, softly weeps behind him.

Many local businesses within this particular city block could tell stories of posters and pictures falling from their secure positions or decorative items moved conspicuously from their original placement overnight. They may even tell you of an older gentleman with a toothy grin who appears in apparition on certain days of the year to “check in”.

No matter where you are in Newton County, the ghosts of the past want to speak to us and tell their story. What will they tell you during your visit to Covington, GA?



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