My journey into the world of neurology begins at 43.

My journey into the world of neurology begins at 43. Having been very sick over the last few days I have suffered numbness in my left hand to excruciating headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Having to have several IV’s over the last couple of days and fluids with morphine and a large amount of blood work has left me very tired and exhausted. My doctor’s having put me on bed rest and sent me out for referral to neurology has been very overwhelming and full of worry. I was scheduled to see Neurology however locally and at Emory they are making appointments for April of this year. Fortunately, there had been a cancellation on January 16th and I will be able to get into Emory Hospital Neurology on this date.

What has me concerned as well is that given I am on bed rest and to see neurology in about 10 days I may have to reschedule my exam for Certified Peer Specialist until March of this year at the next available testing date.

Prayer is powerful and nothing that I have ever prayed for has not came to pass in my life. Each and every prayer has been granted. Asking you my facebook family and “family” to keep me in your prayers and uplifting.

It has not been a good night at all. Not sure if I can make it 10 plus days this sick.

So fretful and fearful of neurology. My boyfriend Ken sees a  neurologist for Parkinson’s so I have been asking him a lot of questions with a lot of questions left remaining in my heart so we will both be under a neurologist care.

Hoping you have a good day and thank you all so much for your care and support as I have to decided on waiting until March to sit for my exam that I have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime already. So ready to begin application and hopefully with my Business/Legal Office degree and Paralegal certification be able to obtain employment with the Alcovy Judicial Circuit Mental Health Courts continuing with the work I so loved and enjoyed with Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr. Prayerfully, April


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